Inspiring people through my writing

popi_gwFebruary 7, 2008

Hi there

I am responsible for a small group of people who do voluntary conservation work on an area of land that is an endangered ecological community.

I need to inspire MORE volunteers to help out with this work.

Can anyone give me the words to use to get people thinking about the reasons why they should help out once a month on this plot of land.

I have tried everything, over the years, to get more involved,and I think that people are so busy they don't have the time. But I think we should all do our bit for the environment !

I write an article in the local newsletter on various topics.

Any ideas greatly appreciated !


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The best way to get people to do something is to tell them what's in it for them. Sad but true. So think about your project and let people know what they will get out of it--even if it's providing refreshments or an end-of-season barbecue/cocktail party, whatever. Food is always a winner.

But perhaps you can think of some other ideas. An inside look at someone's wonderful house or garden perhaps? I have a lot of experience with volunteer groups and this is how we lure them into helping. With such a worthy cause, you shouldn't have to do this but alas that is human nature.

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Thanks Ginny, I have organised a BBQ after a while of weed pulling, in March, on a Sunday. So we shall see who turns up to that.

I guess I want to motivate people more, some people are really good at that, but alas, I don't think I am !!


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Try appealing to a young(er) demographic - reach out to the local high school, technical school or college to see if there's interest in hands on environmental field trips. Sell it in terms of a possible career path in addition to helping preserve something that cannot be replaced once lost.

We see it being done here fairly often - crews to work on parts of the Superior Hiking Trail or digging out invasive buckthorn in our in-city nature preserves, etc.

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