Photographing trees for book

greenlarry(UK 8/9)September 24, 2007

I've long fancied combining my photography skills with my love of trees and putting together a book on my local trees. I can get round the business of capturing them on film as it were but how do you go about the whole book writing/publishing side of it? Anyone on here wrote a book of any kind?

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ocollin(5a Perth, ON)

Hi greenlarry !

It all depends on what you think the market is going to be. If you are just going to ptint 20 books for family and friends there is a web based company that can do that. (I'll try to remember the name).

If you think it is going to be be a unique, high quality book you'll need to "sell" the idea to a publisher who will print it, distibute it and send you a comission(10% I think)

If you think it's something inbetween say 1 or 2 thousand books you could hire someone like me (graphic artist/printer) to layout and print and you sell the books yourself through clubs/forums etc...

Hope that helps,

Steve O'Collin

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

I'm not quite sure yet,I need to do a lot of digging. What I'd like to do is a book for my town,for the residents to look at and learn about what wonders are on their doorstep. I bet many would be surprised to know there are so many old and rare trees nearby,including 2 huge Wellingtonias of national importance,a stand of mature english elm untouched by dutch elm disease and a very rare Koelreuteria! One idea someone suggested was an article for a local newspaper,drumming up some interest. Like I say I need to find out what's out there and how to begin writing(never done it before professionally)

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