white spots in flesh of tomato

ksfarmer(z5/Ks NC Kansas)July 26, 2007

Can anyone tell me why some of my tomatoes have grainy white spots or blotches in the flesh under the skin??. It's not noticable untill they are skinned for canning. I don't know if it is prevelant in one variety or not as I am picking mainly JetStar, and celebrity, with a few others.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Can anyone tell me why some of my tomatoes have grainy white spots or blotches in the flesh under the skin??.


Probably stinkbug bite areas. There should be an area of yellow on the exterior around the bite areas but under the center of the bite area white tissue develops b/c the stinkbugs inject a substance that kills the tissue.

You can go to Google, select IMAGES and enter either stinkbug bite or probably it's better to enter the name of the condition which is Cloudy Spot.

Can also do a regular Googling to find some pictures as well.


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whiteflies can also cause that kind of damage or it could be physiological.

if you see blotches in the internal tissues only that indicates a potential potassium (K) problem (the fruit may or may not be "puffy" if this is the case). High temps with along with low available potassium tend to result in more internal white tissue.

In south KC I was seeing LOTS of whiteflies a month ago but I dont know if they were the kind that are suspected (sweet potato whitefly). I have not seen blotchy ripening this year.

I would suspect potassium since the soil moisture has changed in the last few weeks as they ripened. Potassium is water soluble so the available potassium could have been reduced from leaching and then less available for what was there as the soil dried.

Generally in our area the soils have adequete potassium from the parent limestone rock. However some of the more clay soils in the area tie-up that K and make it more diffcult for a plant to use.

You might consider adding some greensand to your soil. It is only slowly available over the course of a few years so doing so now wont help much. Wait till fall and it will be ready for the next few years. You wont need much. Planter's Seed generally has some in stock. Often garden centers have it on sale in the fall too.

The link has a little more info. See "Internal white tissue".

Here is a link that might be useful: Internal White Tissue

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ksfarmer(z5/Ks NC Kansas)

Thanks all. Since I can't see any spots on the skin where a stinkbug might have been, I suspect hortist might have the answer. We certainly have had the high temps lately to trigger the problem, and I haven't soil tested my garden for several years. Think I better do that, to check on the potassium levels. I have about 125 tomatoe plants and do the small farmers market locally.

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