Green Grape Tomato

gardenmommy_2010July 13, 2011

I have three Green Grape tomato plants and am suprised that they don't seem to tolerate the heat well - as in their growing tips are drying up. They get the afternoon sun but so do all my other tomato plants and they're not complaining. Is Green Grape a variety that doesn't tolerate the heat well? Does anyone else have experience with this? It's getting to the point that I'm thinking of shading them somehow. With the growing tips burning/shriveling/drying up as they are I'll have to do something or they'll stop growing & producing.

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I believe it was bred by Tom Wagner and he lives in WA state. I have on my notes that this is a good variety for cooler weather. I started some seed for my fall planting.
I haven't grown it before so don't have first hand experience. I just know at least one of it's parent's is Green Zebra.

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Buy a sheet of cheap lattice and four stakes. Mark out a 4 x 8 rectangle centered over the plants, pound a stake into each corner of the rectangle, then tie the lattice to the top of ths stakes. This will rapidly provide shade for your plants and will not obstuct rain or sprinkler watering.


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