Cancer of the Heart

georgeiiiMarch 16, 2010

There was a woman I knew

As husband and wife we grew

Because of a night on a beach

We began to teach and how to reach

What the other had wanted inside

But here at last 40 years have passed

And I see you coming down the street to me

Naaaa that canÂt be, she just passed by me

Even in the back I knew that ass crack

Each curve of ass an thigh

Those iddy bitty titties

with nipples that wore grooves in my arms

IÂd hold her so tight

Âthose were gone

Words stumbles right here

Is that her fear

That I wonÂt except her as a woman again

Ahhh but I have memories when

Back on that beach again

The first night we made love in the sand

We drove for an hour before

Down moonlit corridors

And parked by the side of the road

Under an Hawaiian night

Our bodies took flight

Through canyons of clouds and sprinkling waves

But 40 years have passed

And I have to ask

Is that the task

To have memories that only we can see

Just you and me

Without the 40 year between

Regina you will always be

That woman to me

The only woman I called wife

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