abayomiJuly 8, 2011

Lost some large brad's black heart and moskovich tomatoes to something large. Half eaten green tomatoes. I suspect rats as I've seen them crawling in the bushes at the edges of the property.

Has anyone had, solved this problem?

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Get a cat :)

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Rats are common where I live. for ground rats I rigged up a large coffee can, cut a hole in the lid only large enough for rodents and glued block rat poison inside. Then I put that inside, I think an upside down plastic milk crate weighted with heavy potted plant. Put it right by my tomatoes. In a few days, dead rats. Had many dogs at the time so took extra precautions. Did not like using poison but did not like having all my tomatoes chomped either. Linda

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Agrant - funny thing is there are cats in the area. In fact they love my plastic mulch. Fed too good to catch rats though.

I may have to resort to poison which I have been looking to avoid. Thanks Linda.

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I have the same problem. Something is taking big bites out of my tomatoes. I am using DCon poison. I also set out some Smack-Rat-Traps too.
Something is eating the poison but I don't know what. I haven't seen any dead bodies.
But it could be squirrels too. I set out some Conibear 110 traps for the squirrels and rabbits. I also have a have-a-heart trap that catches them alive. One year I caught 28 rabbits. They chew up my blueberries, raspberries, roses and hydrangeas.
I hate to kill the furry little things, but I get so angry when I work so hard and the rodents spoil it.
The Conibear 110 can be found at a trap store by doing a google search on "Conibear Trap" And the 110 size is the right size for a squirrel or rabbit.
A Conibear 110 will only cost about $10, but you will also need the big lever-setter-plyers too. I don't use the big plyers, but I have strong hands.
For those of you who object to seeing a squirrel killed in a Conibear 110, please do not watch this:
But this is how a Conibear 110 Trap works, - Very well!

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28 wild rabbits!

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