Anyone know of a mail-order source of Pipsissewa?

foolyap(z5 MA)September 16, 2007

Chimaphila maculata or C. umbulata? I believe I have spots in my yard where it would thrive, just haven't been able to find any places selling it.

Thanks in advance, --Steve

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foolyap(z5 MA)

Chimaphila maculata or C. umbulata?

Excuse me, make that C. umbellata.


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Have seen Chimaphila maculata listed by Shooting Star Nursery, so I checked and found they are listing it as TOS. You might check back in the spring to see if they have it available then.
I often see them growing in woodlands in this area, sometimes in large colonies. They are difficult to transplant & establish from wild populations. Not sure why, but some sources propose that is is because of a symbiotic, mycorrhizal relationship with other plant material present in the soil that provides moisture and nutrients. That might also explain why they are difficult to start from seed, as a symbiotic relationship must be established for the seed to sprout and develop into a plant, if the seed contains no reserve nutrients.
I understand that they are fairly easily established from pot grown plants.
Good luck with your quest!

Here is a link that might be useful: Shooting Star Nursery

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foolyap(z5 MA)

Thanks, Rb! I'll bookmark them and check early next year.


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