The Dark Garden

georgeiiiMarch 15, 2007

The Dark Garden is thawing.

You can hear the seeds start to sing

Their scratching and nawing for the sun

Old friend winter is leaving donÂt miss him

heÂll be back

Here I sat in my darken corner

and built 4 light closet

raising 944 seedling apiece

hearing the singing coming from outside

like I had an Ipod glued to my head

It was nice to be outside without a coat

or a hat to cover my ears

Now the stepped on Acorns,

forgotten prizes of Squirrels,

trees...even seeds in the gutter

start lifeÂs dance in the sun

Why...donÂt you want to join them?

TheyÂve got the rhyme and the bounce

An Electric Slide without moving a step.

one of wonders of life

can be found on the end of a garden spade

I can see it in my neibor.

There he stands with a big Arse shovel

just leaning on it while his eyes

dance in the dirt.

Well sometimes I get a little wordie

with to much sunlight on the brain

But DAMN!! It was 80 degrees

on the 14th of March

ahhh a sun filled day

ItÂs funny to be so happy

just from some flowers and trees

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I enjoyed your ode to Spring...josh

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