Re: ok to send seeds thru the mail ???

tomasincasSeptember 19, 2007

I was wondering how the group feels about sending seeds ( if someone wants them )from existing plants or flowers..also can you get into any trouble in doing so...I have read many articles where someone thanked someone else for the seeds they received...The reason I asked, was someone just asked for some jack-in the pulpit seeds and I have some xtras, however if it is frowned upon or illegal , I probably wont do it...give me your thoughts or opinions...thanks...Tom

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

It depends on what state or country you and/or the recipient are in. Call the postal service in your location and ask them.

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rhizo, thanks for the info. The reason that I am wondering ,is, because, a person asked if there were any Jack -in the pulpit seeds that anyone could share, then that message was pulled off of this forum,and I thought maybee we were not supposed to do that. Hopefully that person was not going to get them and then sell them.Thanks ...Tom

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Tom....As long as a plant species is not considered invasive or potentially invasive, there should be no problem shipping seeds. Some states have stringent requirements and ban certain species/genera/families of plants, because their climate would permit a rather tame plant in other climates to become invasive. Those are the West coast states, plus in many cases, AZ,UT & NV. FL & HI also ban the import of many plants.
I don't believe Arisaema triphyllum or any of it's sub-species (Jack-in-the-Pulpit) is considered invasive, however they do appear on the list of poisonous plants in a couple of states.
I suppose the post that was deleted from this Forum was because it should have been posted on the Seed Exchange Forum. There are specific guidelines on Exchange Forums that everyone should read before entering into a trade agreement.
Do you know which sub-species of Arisaema triphyllum you have? There are 3 that are native to NWPA, ssp.pusillum, ssp.stewardsonii and the autonymn, ssp. triphyllum(the most common type, almost everywhere).
Post them on the Seed Exchange and list your wants. I'm sure there will be willing traders!
Good luck :-)

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I have a friend in Ohio who wants some of my Tulsi (indian basil) seeds. is it okay to just send some seeds in a standard mail envelope? what about seedlings and sprouts?

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

I'm not in Ohio (next door in Western NY State) and I've mail-ordered tulsi seeds multiple times without issue. It is very easy to start - I direct sow it with great success. Send your friend seeds for next spring. It's getting short in the season for tulsi since it is a tender plant that will not survive Northern winters. Bringing them in is possible but they definitely do suffer in the house during the winter - personal experience.


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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Basil, seeds not protected in a bubble type mailer will be crushed by the postal equipment, don't use a standard mailing envelope to send to your friend. Plants need a box, priority mail for quick delivery, and always mail on a Mon or Tues so they don't spend a weekend boxed/stressed in a postal facility. You can wrap roots or pots in plastic or wet paper to conserve moisture, but don't wrap the foliage with anything damp.... Roll the prepared plant in a dry newspaper cone once you taken care of protecting the roots.

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