black walnut crop

flooring_adviceSeptember 28, 2009

I have several black walnut trees in my yard. This year there have been thousands of nuts falling to the ground. I've been told that oak trees have produce bumper crops of acorns every other year. Does anyone know if black walnut trees have an annual cycle when they produce very large numbers of nuts? Please advise.

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Yes they do. Every 2 to 3 years on average they produce a larger crop.

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The walnut tree we have North of our house is in its small productive cycle this year. I am glad but I like to use walnut meats instead of pecans. Getting too old now to go pick,dry and shell those walnuts.

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finchelover not quite the same texture as black walnuts but when you finally can't pick the black walnuts up a subsitute is to place english walnuts in a jar with a cotton ball or two that has had black walnut flavoring put on the balls. Cover tightly and in a couple of weeks the flavoring will be absorbed by the nuts. You may have to try several of the flavorings to find the one that tastes best to you. A friend with a broken leg shared this with me.

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