American Elm Variety for Swampy/Bottomland Woods

tzonehunterSeptember 24, 2012

Hi everyone-

I'm looking for an American elm variety recommendation to compete with buckthorn seedlings in swampy wet woods. I would need something with ded resistance and possibly yellows resistance. I'm in SE wisconsin near the border of zones 4 & 5. I'm interested in elm because it seems to grow well until it dies from ded. I would consider recommendations for other species. See the details below.

We've been working hard to clear Buckthorn from our woods. The majority of the woods is swampy, calciferous mucky peat with a pH between 7 - 7.5. On the north side of our property the ground is just a bit higher & drier and has a nice stand of ash. The buckthorn isn't nearly as thick in that portion of our land, which I think is due to the shade & competition. However the southern side is almost completely gone to buckthorn. We do get large elms on that side of the property as well as some younger seedlings. However the larger elms usually succumb to ded or yellows once they hit 30 - 40 ft. The buckthorn is very prolific - there are very few mature trees (other than buckthorn) on the south side. Thousands of buckthorn seedlings come up in the sunny bare spots where mature buckthorn have been cleared (and stumps sprayed with 40% glyphosate).

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jimbobfeeny(5a IN)

I wouldn't plant just elms. Also, you would probably have more luck with Slippery elm. It is fairly common in bottomland woods around here. Other trees would be Ohio buckeye, green ash (not the best anymore, due to emerald ash borer), black willow, cottonwood, and sycamore. That isn't all the trees to choose from for this location, but it is a start.

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'princeton','Valley Forge','Jefferson'. Plant a couple of cultivars so that you get genetic diversity and possibly stronger seedlings.

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