delgaudio under fbi investigation yeah

labrea_gwSeptember 26, 2012

I am so sick of reading his letters trolling for cash. One of my favorite gay blogs post them now he's under investigation GOOOOOOD!

Another RED FLOATER in the Virginia BOWL!

"She worked from a spreadsheet that listed more than a thousand names and the political campaigns to which they had contributed. For weeks earlier this year, she said, she sat in a county office, while on county time, and spent hours calling them, one by one. The goal was to arrange meetings with the donors and her boss, four-term Loudoun County Supervisor Eugene A. Delgaudio (R-Sterling), one of the regionâÂÂs most controversial politicians, who is known for his animated diatribes from the dais. If she was successful, Donna Mateer, a part-time aide, was to list the appointment in a Google calendar titled âÂÂEugene 2012 Campaign Schedule,â she said. Since then, Mateer came to believe that what she was doing was unethical. She filed a complaint with the countyâÂÂs Human Resources Department that also alleged a hostile work environment. Her accusations add to the controversy surrounding Delgaudio, who has publicly denounced gay people as âÂÂpervertsâ and âÂÂfreaksâ and routinely injected himself into heated political battles across the country through his conservative nonprofit group, Public Advocate of the United States."

The supervisor wanted to know her views on homosexuality, she said. Was she âÂÂpro-marriage,â âÂÂpro-life,â âÂÂright-wingâÂÂ? Was she a Christian, a Catholic? How many times had she been married? Where did her children go to school? She suspected he was not supposed to be asking such questions, but she was looking for work, so she put her concerns aside. [snip] In March, less than a year after Mateer had been hired, she was fired. When Delgaudio called Mateer into his office to let her go, he told her the problem was that she was âÂÂnot political,â she said. Hours before, Mateer had spoken with county human resources officials. At their request, she later filed a lengthy statement detailing her concerns, she said " including the allegation that Delgaudio frequently went on racist and homophobic rants and berated his employees in the workplace. In the days before she was fired, Mateer collected e-mails and documents, including the lists of names used to schedule fundraising appointments. She has since turned many of them over to FBI agents, who interviewed her in late July about DelgaudioâÂÂs fundraising practices and his involvement with Public Advocate. Three other former aides have told The Post that they have also been recently questioned about Delgaudio by FBI agents.

Here is a link that might be useful: another floater

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It doesn't matter how many layers of gold you put on a turd, or how much you polish it; it's still a turd, and it will always stink.

This turd is a real winner. Where do these people crawl out from?

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