Help with poison ivy infestation!

littlebeemamaOctober 1, 2013

We recently bought a new house with a sizable backyard. However, I am dismayed to discover that the entire backyard is infested with poison ivy.

Last month, my DH went through with Round-Up about a month ago and basically scorched the land. And already, we are seeing new PI growth sprout forth.

Given the size of the land (about 50 x 80ft), I think it will be too difficult to pull up all the roots by hand. Since the yard is sloped and due for some leveling, I am considering filling on top of the land, then putting 3" of top soil and growing grass on top. Will this help combat the PI problem?

Please note all my neighbors have PI growing, and some of them (who don't have young children) don't do anything about it. So I think the seeds will always be floating around.

Many thanks!!

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Well that and the birds love poison ivy fruit so they are always pooping them out.

Be aware that even when it is "dead" it can still affect you. Don't burn it or the smoke will get it inside you!

You can cover it up, but if it is still alive, it will still grow up and out of the soil.

Definitely teach your kids how to id it both in spring (bright new red growth), summer (green, mature leaves), and winter (sticks with a bit of zig-zag to them and white berries).

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So what is the best way to get rid of this stuff? Everyone keeps saying to "pull it out by its roots", but that seems impossible given the size of the land. (See attached photo).

All the brown stuff has been sprayed with Round-Up, but we already see a lot of new growth. So clearly herbicide is not enough.

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Sometimes woody plants need more than one application.

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jcalhoun(8b Mobile County AL)

You'll need a herbicide that is designed for woody vines such as RU Poison Ivy or Brush-B-Gone.

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