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cottagehome2006April 21, 2006

I love this forum!

I have been writing a book about garden decorating/homekeeping for the past 5 years. As my business and my children have grown I have found it increasingly difficult to find time to work on it. Twice I have had to send out delay in publishing notices to customers. How do you find the TIME and the MINDSET to write?

When I do have the time I find myself in the greenhouse or in the garden. Maybe I should just take my computer out there!

Here is a link that might be useful: Country Cottage Home

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clfo(z7 with luck)

When I'm excited about a project of new idea, I push all else aside and work on it. It's harder to find the time to write something that isn't as fresh and exciting. That said, when it comes to "getting it done," there is nothing like just setting aside two or three hours a day. For me, that is often in the early evening, but sometimes it can be 30 minutes first thing in the morning, a short period before dinner, and some time before bed.

Like gardening, it's easier if you don't think of it as a job that has to be done all at once. Weeding can be done in ten minutes a day while you sip your coffee, for instance.

My first book was written by sitting down and writing two hours every night. (I was working full time at the garden center then - but had an end of the summer deadline for the delivery of the book.) I often work at night - I asked someone once how she got so much done and her answer was short: "I don't watch TV." I decided that I too could use the hours of 8 to 11 much more profitably.

Have you read Anne Lamottt's book about writing: "Bird by Bird"? The title comes from a time when Anne was young and had a report on birds due at school the next day. She was moaning about what a big project she had ahead of her, and her father said something like "You just take it bird by bird, Anne. Bird by bird."

I find deadlines very motivating. I may not always pace myself well, but I'm willing to do what it takes to (usually) meet a deadline.

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There are two phrases that come to mind about finding time to write: Get some Butt Glue and Stop talking about it and do it.
Both seem simple steps but as Cl said, sitting at the computer/typwriter for 2 hrs a day (or whatever you can manage) will give you small steps towards your goal.Set a specific time and keep to it if possible. For me it is in the morning and sometime in the evening after supper. I also invested in a little Alphasmart to take to places where I have to wait for the kids. It is an electronic keyboard with small screen that downloads direct to the computer via usb. I spend at lease 30 mins/school day sometimes 90 mins waiting - so that is a big boost for me.

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Thank you everyone for your words of advise. I really like the "bird by bird" quote. I might have forgotten to mention that I own Country Cottage Home Wholesale. Our company makes fine handmade gifts on a wholesale /retail basis and sells to stores all over the world. Which is why I am being asked to write the book.
On top of the demands of trying to stay ahead of my foreign competitors I have a family, and beautiful gardens I love to tend to.
I agree I need to find time. Each morning I have 1 hour set aside for Email and to work on our web site, In the evening 30 min. for email. I work on my writing usually after that, between the hours of 11:00-1:00 sometimes I find it hard to stay awake.
Eventually it will get finished, the reps will see to that, I just worry about quality.
Again Thank you for your advise. "butt glue" I like that one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mingione's Country Cottage Home

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