War between Japanese knot weed and stilt grass

cynandjon(Z 5/6)October 13, 2008

Neighbor has Knot weed bordering our property. We have had an invasion of Stilt Grass in our woods. The Knot weed was encroaching into our woods and this summer the stilt grass started pushing the knot weed back onto his property about 15 feet. Shows how lethal stilt grass is. But truthfully I'm hoping it will kill off the knot weed. I plan to start battling the stilt grass as soon as we are finished building this DIY house.

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Since this grass is an annual, you can use a pre-emergent. I normally don't use much in the way of chemicals, but this stilt grass is so awful I resorted to Snapshot, which is quite expensive but really works. I have only used it in areas in which I don't have trilliums or other prized plants that are monocots...and I want those plants to reseed. Unfortunately, I cannot use Snapshot near water, so if anyone knows of something that will kill stilt grass but NOT other established plants, which I want to keep down there, please post.

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cynandjon(Z 5/6)

We live in a high water level area. Part of our property is wetlands so we dont use any weed killers. They told us the best thing to do is mow or pull it out in the spring. After 3 years it is unlikely to return. Unfortunately we have almost 11 acres of it. I was worried the Jap Knot grass would be joining it.

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Do corn-based pre emergents work?

It would be great if, a hand full of corn meal in a bucket of water, would take care of JSG.

Repeated mowings, will eventually work on the giant knotweed.

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I was told recently that burning when the stilt grass is beginning to emerge in the late spring works and usually does not kill the natives. I plan on trying this at the lake's edge because I cannot use any chemicals that are not aquatic approved...and I don't want to use anything that is a general herbicide;I have many plants that I want near the water.

One of my friends has used the corn-based pre-emergent, and it works some, according to her, but it needs to be used many years in a row to have any impact...and it is not cheap.

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cynandjon(Z 5/6)

Interesting, where do you find corn-based pre-emergent?
The knot weed is on the neighbors property.

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I bought a 40 pound bag of corn gluten meal at a local garden center once (but I have not noticed it at Home Depot). You can also try ag supply centers and mail order, etc. I think there might be a post about where to find it at the lawn care forum.

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cynandjon(Z 5/6)

Thank you bob

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