Leaves on one side dying

dinasJuly 12, 2012

On a single stem of the tomato plant, all the leaves on one side are wilted/dying, while the leaves on the other side are fine. Bilaterally symmetrical leaf life vs life death! Occurring on a couple of stems only. Plant as a whole looks OK, except for those leaves.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

If it were leaves wilting on one side of the main stem and not on the other I'd consider Verticillium. But you're talking about a side stem, not from the main stem, so I'm not so sure it would be Verticillium.

In any case if it is Vert, sometimes the plants will grow out of it, sometimes not. And it's a systemic disease found in the soil, not a foliage disease.

How many plants are you growing and how many have the symptom you describe?


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Mystery solved! (Sort of)
I looked very closely at a dying leaf, tore in apart, and found a small (~2 mm) black caterpillar inside--between the upper and lower surfaces. Dead plant tissue was past the caterpillar.
Found more on other leaves. Don't know what they are, but will use stuff that kills caterpillars.

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