Zone 6a woodland planting suggestions?

jeffsuzukiOctober 8, 2012

Clearing out the back 2.0, and have a clearing that I'd like to fill with something. It's wettish (the stream's about 100 yards downslope) with dappled sun. It's currently overrun with raspberry, wild grape, and some poison ivy.

Any suggestions for edibles to plant? (I'm more interested in the possibility of edibles than in harvesting...the goal is to keep the PI in check by crowding it out and giving animals an alternative to feasting on poison ivy berries...)

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Both wild grape and raspberry are edible. Others that are native and produce edible fruits that may be possible depending on soil and sun, blueberry, serviceberry, elderberry.


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Pawpaw, the largest fruiting native plant. ITs a small tree that suckers and produces large edible fruits. Also a host plant for zebra swallowtail butterfly. Fruit tastes like vanilla custard. I recommend the cultivars if you want to eat the fruit.

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jimbobfeeny(5a IN)

Include a few seeds and nuts - how about hazelnut (Corylus americana), woodland sunflower, heliopsis, and beech?

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Thanks for the suggestions! The pawpaw is intriguing...has anyone had success growing it?

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Paw paw is easy to grow in my experience. It has large cool almost tropical looking leaves. I tried the fruit once a few years ago and didn't like it but apparently animals do (and some people).

Paw paw slowly spreads by suckers and forms colonies with time.

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I ate the fruit from a wild one on the side of the road. The cultivars definitely have better tasting fruit from what I've read.

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