60 Ft hemlock tree

jones60October 4, 2006

I have a old tilting hemlock tree with about 25 ft of it is limbless, Its leaning right where the electric wire is to my house and its upper limbs are a couple feet from the house creating to much shade. I do everything for my animals but feel this one tree must come down, I have left a 50ft blue spruce up for the squirrels etc and had it cabled. Someone make me feel better about doing it?? but i do feel its time. Also will be trimming trees back but not down, Need more sun in the house. also have two cedars which i will be topping but not cuttng down again want to leave the cedars for bird protection year round.

Bethel CT

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One of the animals you need to protect is you.
My church had a number of trees taken down that were too close to the building. I wasn't very happy about it at the time but it proved to be wise two years later when a microburst storm hit the area and dropped dozens of trees and limbs through powerlines and through the roofs of several houses in the area. You can still leave upright a portion of the tree as woodpecker habitat if it is safe to do so.

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Thanks for that. I am planning on leaving both trunks up a bit since one already has a shelf for the squirrels from a lower growth from the main being taken off last year. Its the closeness to the electric wire that makes this seem right and its so large and tilting,

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