mnf: 'Hurry up and Wait' boxes are coming in!

nikkineel(GA 8/7b)November 22, 2008

WOW! We met our limit on the last thread.

Great box Monica! I have recently added rain lilies to my wish list! I saw them on another site and they are so beautiful and prolific! Looks like I need to post an update. I'll wait to hear about that interesting sounding box that Dan is receiving today. Kat has my excitement level up on that one. When you put those two together, you never know what's gonna happen.

Let us know Dan!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Nik

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Hi all! Got a WONDERFUL box from Carol yesterday. It really perked me up! Thanks so much Carol!
She sent:
A (5) pack of fragrant body mists - smells wonderful
a sunflower picture frame - love sunflowers!
(4) packs of garden markers - perfect for winter sowing
a tiny miniature birdhouse windchime & garden wheelbarrow with pots & tools - so cute!
A whole bag of Alliums
Queen of night tulips
Starflower bulbs
Box of freesia bulbs
Sparaxis harlequin flower bulbs
TONS of seeds:
morning glory
purple calabash tomatoes
black cherry tomatoes
blushing bride hibiscus
syriacus bluebird hibiscus
double blue balloon flower
shasta daisy
amaranthus pigmy torch
amaranthus fat spike
purple aster
blue flax
blue fescue ornamental grass
cesars brother iris
Carol, it was really wonderful and thanks again!
After I got my flat tire fixed this morning (boy am I having a streak of luck or what?), I went to the PO and sent your box. Conf# 0306 0730 0001 0080 6086
Hope you like it all!


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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

WOW!!!! Great box Joan! Doesn't Carol send a great assortment?! Those hibiscus sound neat - I want to see pics. I got some of that amaranthus spike and I can't wait to see it this summer.
From the boxes so far, it sounds like we are going to have lots of wintersowing in this group.
For those of you who are new to wintersowing (like me), be sure to check out the wintersowing forum. They have lots of great advice and after you spend some time brousing through the posts, you can't help but try it. Also check out Trudi, the one who started the whole wintersowing craze, maintains that one. You can even get free seeds from there, too.

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Kathy, I kept checking the parcel bins this morning and when I got back from my route, but your box hasn't arrived yet. Hopefully it will on Monday, I'm anxious to see what you've sent! You've been hinting at all sorts of things being in it, maybe it was so large it had to be sent in a truck all by itself!
And Bunny? Don't worry, once Kathy's box gets here, I'm gonna tell you all what's in it. Bump is all ready to inspect it, his tail's been twitching since yesterday! Here's a picture of him waiting on that box from Kathy...

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proudgm_03(6 MO)

Everyone's boxes sound wonderful. We're going to be a busy bunch of gardners! I had to have an ingrown toenail cut out yesterday so I have been having to wear flip flops in 30 degree weather. BRRR!

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

Wonderful box, Carol and Joan! Those sparaxis are beeeutiful! And that starflower! Wow!!

Hehe, Melissa and Nikki! I'm really excited for him to get this box! I'd worked on it for some time, thinking that at some point I'd be paired with Dan. I'm really excited about several of the things I sent him! I'm just hoping he'll like it with as much fun as I had putting it together!

Dan, I was really hoping it'd be there today. LOL, but now the suspense just rises!!!!


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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

Warning rant ahead... this is rather off topic, and perhaps will help everyone understand a little more another reason why I'm so eager for Dan to get his box. I have needed that anticipation to get through yesterday and today.

I have spent the last 2 days throwing away so many plants it almost kept me in tears. Several that could have been saved with some TLC for a few weeks. But they were not in "sellable" condition, even at 1/2 price, so they were thrown away. Not composted, no soil to be re purposed after being cooked or composted,all that lovely green material was thrown into a trash compacter. Including the plastic pots. All that waste kept me about bawling like a baby for the past two days. I'm 5 ft 0" tall and most of the cartfuls were packed as full as I could get them. Some filled until they were as tall as I am. Yesterday it was over 31 buggies and today another 12. That's a lot of green compost material, a lot of soil that could have been cooked and reused and a lot of plastic pots that could have been used for wintersowing and spring seedlings, some complete with the 6, 8,20 and 12 pack flats they were grouped into. It went against everything I stand for as both a gardener and someone who practices as much of a green lifestyle as possible. It went against what I try to teach my children about not wasting our earth's resources. All of that is going to end up in a landfill. It still makes me want to weep.

I've finished clearing away everything either dead, dying or "unsellable", mostly tropicals. And no, we weren't allowed to take any of them home or do any cuttings. Tomorrow I've got to get the rest of what has survived moved from the patio to the corral. The live Christmas trees are coming in starting Monday and the patio area has to be clear for them.

I really do enjoy my job 99% of the time. Then I not only see and hear about something like this, but actually have to do it myself.... and it breaks my heart and offends everything I believe in and practice in my homelife. I really wish that Wal~Mart's green practices extended to this area. We really and truly are encouraged to be "greener" both as employees as well as in our personal life. The store is using light meters that turns the lights off to conserve energy when enough light is coming through the skylights. The freezer sections do light up only when the motion sensors pick up close movement. To be honest, they really do utilize many greener practices. I just really wish it extended to this aspect of the garden center..

Kathy~ rant off and going to take a hot shower and play with her plants and seeds to shake the depression of the last two days.

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Kathy, don't get too down, okay? Every cloud has a silver lining, sometimes it's just harder to find. And, in this case, it's hard to find, but it's there. You may never see it, but some good will come out of it all. Trust in that, play with your seeds and plants there at home, and think about how crazy I'm getting with anticipation of that box you've sent. And now you say you've been working on it for some time, thinking that at some point I'd be paired me? Now, that scares me AND makes me more excited!


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told you I was getting crazed a bit! "And now you say you've been working on it for some time, thinking that at some point I'd be paired me" should've read..."And now you say you've been working on it for some time, thinking that at some point you'd be paired with me?" I'm going to bed, obviously I need some rest! lol

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Uh oh, looks like Dan found Linda at the bar again. Hand over the brownies Dan, and nobody has to get hurt. Nik

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I can't. I ate them all. Sorry. And, as a matter of fact, Linda made some wonderful tea to wash them down with! I believe she said the recipe was from Long Island. She made a pitcher of tea, and we sat down at the kitchen table and drank tea and ate brownies until they were all gone. Hiccup!
We could make some more, if anyone's hungry or thirsty, couldn't we Linda?
um, Linda???

hmmm, I think she's under the table, sleeping. Poor thing!

Ah well. Nikki, would you like to make some brownies???

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

"making another batch of tea and brownies"...yepper, Long Island tea..."smacking lips"...just don't stand up too fast!

by the way, is anyone else having trouble with hotmail or is it just my computer? It won't let me into my mail.."sigh"..

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HEY!!! You're awake Linda!!! Nice to have you back!!! Y'know, I've heard it said that, when you drink so much that you pass out on the floor, .......
. .
. .
. .
wait for it.....
. .
. .
. .
. .

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Weekend Update:
Linda(received) and April (sent)
Kathy (received/sent) and Dan (sent)
Becky (sent/received) Nikki (sent/received)
Joan (received) and Carol (sent)
Monica (sent/received) and Celina (received/sent)
Tammy (sent/received) and Mark (sent/received)
Deb (sent/received) and Suzi (sent)

Looks like we are down to just a few boxes!
I've been planting bulbs and cleaning house today. Is everyone ready for Thanksgiving? I'm "off" next week but I sure have a lot to do! Have a great week! Nik

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proudgm_03(6 MO)

We just finished our Thanksgiving dinner today. I'm exhausted. 12 adults, 5 kids and 2 babies. Quite a houseful. My daughter and I are going to see my son and family in Virginia Thanksgiving weekend. They just had a new baby the end of October. I didn't want to forgo the "family" dinner so we had it early. Glad that's over with!

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markcase1964(7 Piedmont NC)


Lowes hardware has a similar policy as Wally World. throw it away. I had a meeting with the district manager from Lowes and asked if instead of putting that material into the landfill, can I separate the pots from the plants, put the bare plants without pots into my truck. Be destructive about it, and use it for compost. He allowed me to do that three time so far. He had an employee watch me to make sure I was not "being careful" with the throw away plants.

The tropicals composted real well and have made some good soil for me. At another day, they let me take pots only, no plants. I was able to score about 200 of the 6 inch and 8 inch pots.

I have tried to speak to the district manager for WallMart but he does not return my call. It is about being green. They say it is about people profiting from their garbage. I agree, frustrating...

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My box made it to Grand Rapids yesterday, so hopefully it'll be delivered today! YEE-HAW!!!

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

I know, Mark. And it's even more so when an employee mentions it with Wal~Mart. We even have to throw all clippings, anything that falls off the plants into the trash. That's the worst part of my job, ya know? But, it's all done and the patio is ready for the live trees to arrive today. I've got to get over to the corral and price point everything today.

Work today and tomorrow, then off Wednesday and Thursday (my regular days off) then I'm going in at 6 am on Black Friday and will be on a front register probably all day, but definitely through the Blitz.

WooHoo Dan! I'm so excited for you to get your box! I really wish I could be there when you open it! I wanna see your reaction! I just hope you enjoy everything.. and that you cleared that extra half acre.. or acre.. :P You're gonna need it!


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The December swap "Got Chocolate?" has been posted. See you there!

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As I write this, Paula and I are preparing to purchase some land this spring to plant everything Kathy sent. Bump is playing with his new toy, a laser toad, in the kitchen. It's a stuffed toad on a stretchy string which I've tied to the back of a kitchen chair so it dangles a bit, and he can spend time swatting, jumping, biting, and grabbing. So, where do I begin???
What a minute! I've already begun by telling you about Bumps new toy! Okay then, on to the rest of the box! (This is gonna take awhile...)
Okay, first thing I found when I opened the box was a letter from Kathy. I'm not gonna say whatall it said, but it was deep. Then there was Bumps laser toad, some stretchy handcuffs (yep, they work, and that's ALL I'm saying!), a laughing bag (drives Bump nuts! lol!), some jasmine vanilla body lotion (yep, tried that too!), chocolate mocha, chai latte, rain meter, stationery, plant markers, a gardening bag (full of seeds and bulbs), plastic seed bags, a small starting tray, bulb booster, soil moist granules, and a few bulbs, seeds, and plants. Let me see if I can list them all...
4 Daffadil "Salome"
3 Tulip "Kingsblood"
4 Anemones "De Cean"
3 Fritillaria - Dwarf Purple
4 Lollipop Lily
3 Iris "Purple Sensation"
2 Orange Candleflower
4 Tulip "Claudia"
4 Tulip "Queen of the Night"
3 Hyacinth Muscari "Purple Grape"
4 Tulip "Angelique"
3 Iris "Eye of the Tiger"
1 Hyacinth "Peter Styvesant"
6 Mixed Crocus
1 Iris "Night Edition"
1 Hyacinth "Jan Bos"
1 Iris "Superstition"
3 Narcissus "Paperwhite"

still with me???

Black Mondo Grass
Ghost Plant
Hoya "Hindu Rope"
Hoya "Krimson Princess"
Heart Leaf Ice Plant
Yellow Holiday Cactus
Red Creeping Sedum

Hang in there!

Canary Climber
Hyacinth Bean
Glory Pea - Clianthus Formosus
Morning Glory - Crimson Rambler
- Light Blue
- Milky Way
- Scarlet Star/ White Star Mix
Cup and Saucer Vine
Marigold - French Dwarf Doubles Mix
- Crackerjack
Red Salvia
Alyssum - Carpet of Snow
Chinese Houses
Penstemon - Red Rocks
Nasturtium - Dwarf Single Mix
Black Fountain Moudy Grass
Miniature Ornamental Corn
Catnip (for Bump!)
Lemon Cucumber
Cilantro/Coriander (2 packs)
Viola - Bowles Black
Cuphea - Red Bat-faced Plant
Eyeball Plant
Garlic Chives (2 packs - 1 for now, 1 to plant in the spring)
Dill Bouquet
Orange Thyme
Lemon Balm
Dusty Miller
Edelweiss (the Sound of Music is one my favorite movies!)
Devil's Claw
Sweet Pea - North Shore
Blue Nepeta Nervosa
Cosmos - Single Sensation Mix
- Psyche
- Psyche White
- Double Click
- Daydream
- Giant Tetra Trianton
- Picotee
- Orange Flare
- Paidor

Kathy, you amaze and awe me. There are seeds here that I've been looking for online and cannot find, seeds for my Halloween garden, seeds for my herb wheel, an awesome collection of cosmos seeds, tall stuff, short stuff, vines, bushes, and yes, even something good and healthy for us to eat! "Wow!" just doesn't like enough to say, but it's all I've been saying for the past hour-and-a-half since opening this box. Bump is still playing with his toad, and Paula wants to know if you're coming over in May to help plant all this. Well, are you??? LOL!!!

And that, my dear friends, is what Kathy sent me. Wow!


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Holy COW!!!!size>color>

Does Kat send a great box or what??
Terrific & Awesome job, Kat!
I think you win "Box of the Year" award!! :O)

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Kat wonderful box, bunny quit gnawing on that poor cow, I received an awesome box from Joan today
swiss miss mocha mix
ghiradelli carmamels
blue crystall necklace with matching earrings
home sweet home ceramic leaf
box of candy soaps
angelique tulips
pink beauty glads
dutch iris
neapolitan allium
pink gloxinia
maja tomato
deep burgandy zinnia
2 alaska pea
early scarlet globe radishdaylily seed
danvers half long carrot
stella daylily
little girl daylily
fortnight lilly
brug red angels
blackberry lily
this girl knows how to pack a box. thankyou Joan I love it all. bunny your cow reminds me of a joke.
a city couple were driving in the country and noticed a pig in a field with a wooden leg. they stopped to ask the farmer about it. he said that is one good pig. the house caught fire and he rushed in and dragged me out and my son was drowning and he jumped in and pulled him to shore. so whats with the wooden leg I asked. a good pig like that you don;t eat all at once he answered. Bunny stop nibbleing and send me your addy please. hugs carol

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Wow, Joan can sure pack a great box, too!! :O) She deserves a blue ribbon as well!, maam. :O)

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Gosh Ladies those are some good boxes!!! I just can't believe all the great boxes that have been sent this month. Looks like Christmas started early this year:)
I've been working on cleaning the house to get ready for Christmas. I'm not quite as ready as our Bunny! Yall have a great week! Nik

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

What a wonderful box, Carol and Joan! A Gloxina AND all those daylilies and lilies!!!! *drool*

Dan, I'm so happy that ya'll enjoyed that box! I had so much fun putting it together! I was trying to cover at least a little of everything you told me about your gardens. I am so happy that I was able to find some things that you were having trouble finding!

I did warn you :P that you'd need another 1/2 acre and that you'd have to revise some wants lists!


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Wow! So wonderful to hear from all and what a great box Dan! Kathy, girl, you definitely win the prize! I thought Dan was NEVER gonna get through listing all that! You guys always cheer me up! Carol, I'm so glad you liked everything. I really had fun planning it for you! Now, it's off to the December chocolate swap!


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Joan, if you thought I was never gonna get through listing it all just READING that list, imagine what it was like to TYPE it! I kept pulling things out of that box, and every time I thought I'd reached the last of it, there was still more to discover!
Personally, I think everyone did a wonderful job on the boxes this time around! And isn't that what's so cool about gardening? Finding like-minded people and being able to share one another's garden? When I was reading on Kathy's trade page about her gothic garden, I got inspired to grow a Halloween garden starting next year! And I just don't understand why I hadn't thought of it before since Halloween is my favorite holiday! Just goes to show you that we've all still got something to learn, eh?

And now, here's a little something to entice everyone over to the chocolate swap! hehehe

Got Chocolate?


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Hey everyone,

Got an awesome box from Deb 2day!!
Dahlias, Lilies, Caladium, Tulips Red,Tux & Daydream, Gladiolus..
Maple tree, Black-eyed Susan, Dianthus, Lily, Nigra, Petunia, Nicotiana, Larkspur, Toadlily, Primrose, Morning glory, Daylily, Cosmos, P-Scabiosa, Clematis, Japonese Lily, Shasta daisy, Money plant & Asylumn.... A Garden Journal, 5 Magazines and a Kitchen veggie towel WOW!! Deb this was a GREAT box I love every thing... I got so much I feel like I've left something out hope not :) Deb, Thank you sooooo much.

Happy Thanksgiving 2 all

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Great box Suzi! I'm gonna be looking some of those up and it sounds like you got lots!!!
Linda(received) and April (sent)
Kathy (received/sent) and Dan (sent/received)
Becky (sent/received) Nikki (sent/received)
Joan (received/sent) and Carol (sent/received)
Monica (sent/received) and Celina (received/sent)
Tammy (sent/received) and Mark (sent/received)
Deb (sent/received) and Suzi (sent/received)

Looks like we are wrapping this swap up. We only have one box left and I think Linda's been a little preoccupied with drinks and uummm brownies lately. LOL
If you haven't already, make sure you visit Dan in the chocolate swap. Linda may even serve ya up some tea;) Nik

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

"sliding in with a screeching halt"..okay the confirmation number for April's box is...0308 1400 0000 9732 7679..I hope you like it April..I put a little something in there for your kids too..."getting out the sugar-meter"...

okay, one more box to get out and I have to finish packing for seeds for the fall did I get so far behind??..."running around in circles"....

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WOO HOO!! Mail lady just dropped off my box. It was worth waiting for too.....
~Little Planters
~Fleece Lined gloves(they fit a glove. LOL!)
~Sm & Lg bubble envies(never have too many!)
~Seed zip bags(see above!)
~Metal Plant Markers(once again, see above!)
~Pumpkin Pie scented candle(about to fire that puppy up!)
~Little notebook (headed to my purse)
~Mini Russell Stover Sampler(ahhhh...CHOCOLATE!!)
~Sheet of stickers(Brooke's trying to get them open)
~"Apeldoorn Elite" Tulips(love the color!)
~"Trumpet Mixed" Daffs(lovely!)
~"Park Princess" Dahila(my first pink one!need to hide from Taylor!)
~Ohhh about the sugar meter....Big Ole honking bag of M&Ms for the kids.(they are on their home from school. Early out due to icy roads!)
*Blue Iris
*"Oranges & Lemons" Gaillardia
*"Red Claret" Sunflower
*Lav/Pink poppies
*Rose Of Sharon
and.....DRUM ROLL PLEASE......
a beautiful Fairy to add to my collection!!!Plus a nice note written on a fairy postcaard!



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Sorry! Just had to share photo of my fairy!

Thanks again!!

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

I"m so glad you liked everything April. This time of year, I always wear the heavy duty gloves for outside stuff, so I thought you'd like a pair.

Glad you liked the fairy...I collect them too..."G"..AND..Chocolate is always good!

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Ooops, looks like I forgot to close this thread out. I got so preoccupied with Dan's swap.... April, that fairy is the cutest! What a GREAT box Linda! I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for making my first hosting gig super easy. I know I need to fill out that excel spreadsheat thingy but I'm really not good with excel. Give me a little time to figure it out, ok Mrs Vic?

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