how to plant bloodroot an trillium in ny

nixon(z5ny)October 10, 2008

i bought from a licensed seller, last year i planted them outside 100%failed. i was wondering if i could pot them? and keep them in a celler or garage and transplant, in the spring? i clearly have no idea, any advice would be good. thanks c

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I would not give up. Sometimes trillium take a second season to re-establish themselves. A few do like lime based soils although I, with acidic soils, have not had a problem except for the last two years of drought. You did not mention which types you bought.

You could also have a "critter" problem. If you REALLY need to check on them now, you can dig out a few to see if the roots are nice and white and if they have a growing tip. I almost threw away several pots of T. rugelii (from a 2007 rescue) because they did not emerge this spring, but on examining them I saw that they were still alive and so planted them out. With potted ones you have to make sure that they don't drown. They have contractile roots and pull themselves down in the soil, so sometimes, if we have lots of rain and the pots are on the ground, they can rot. Even in the ground they need good drainage.

I have never had a bloodroot problem except with critters digging around in the fresh soil. In fact, my bloodroot foliage is still nice and green most places. Hope you can figure out the problem. If you find it appears to be animals, you can try adding small rocks or permatil to the soil, the same that you can do with bulbs. Good luck!

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waplummer(Z5 NY)

Are you saying that they did not come up this year? Or did they come up and go into an early dormancy?

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kwoods(Cold z7 Long Is)

"i bought from a licensed seller, last year i planted them outside 100%failed."

Spring? Fall? Bareroot? Potted? What were the soil conditions where you planted them?

Bareroot I do only in fall, only from a reputable source I have previous experience w/ that I know isn't selling dessicated roots.

These two should be "easy". Don't give up. Both are worth the trouble.

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c or nixon,I aquired several bloodroot plant/roots from Loess Roots in Stanton,Neb. .I received many in a box along with several mayapples.There was NO charge except for postage.It came to eleven or twelve dollars.Along with the plants were instructions on how to plant them.I planted them one day before it snowed up here in Pa. By the following spring ,probably 90-95% of them came up.
His name was Rod and his E-mail:
A very nice man and he goes out of his way to help you.even if you choose not to get free ones from him,he can help you out on your questions..Tom in Pa.

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