Too much fun!

nanatink(Z4 WI)May 22, 2007

Too much fun!

I've got blisters on my hands

and grass stains on my knees

from kneeling, digging in the dirt

planting my sweet peas

My hair is streaked with highlights

my skin red from the sun

so the bulbs I planted and watered

will sprout before May is done

My nails are chipped and dirty

fingertips bruised and sore

there's still some grass on the front lawn

I obviously need to do more

My body's growing weary

every joint is screaming in pain

I don't want to drag out the hose again

Please God make it rain

Just when I think I'm finished

planting for this year

along comes a neighbor with more plants

I need to get it in gear

A gardeners work is never ending

there's always more to be done

'cause once you're hooked you cannot quit

it's just too darn much fun!

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Bravo ...

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