Looking for Elizabeth Louisiana

brian_zn_5_ks(N.E. Kansas)May 11, 2008

Anyone have a contact for a former poster here, named Elizabeth (Louisiana)? I would like to ask her permission to include one of her old posts in my Kansas Nursery and Landscape Association newsletter.


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Have you tried the "Search" function at the bottom of the page? Just type in Elizabeth. When you find her, you could try to email her thru that. If not, you might just quote her, giving her cyber-name and GW. Check with your publisher but I think this is legal. And as a fellow writer, I must say good for you for caring about someone's copyright, if it indeed applies here.

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I would like to contact Elizabeth also.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stuff

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brian_zn_5_ks(N.E. Kansas)

Well, the search function gives me an Elizabeth, but not the one I want, I think. Thank you, modern technology...

As far as using the old post - My big brother, the research librarian, tells me that the current copyright laws say, if something is posted, it is copywrited. One may quote briefly, with author acknowledgement, but to use a post wholesale, even with proper credit given, without specific permission, is a violation of the law.

The fact that people do this all the time does not make it right, of course...

Elizabeth wrote a screamingly funny piece several years ago about a 15 minute slice of a day in a garden center in spring. I'd love to share that with my fellow nursery association members.


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Brian, I lost her address in a computer crash. She wrote her rose articles for Regan Nursery (search for "Dr. Leda's Journal Archive") and you probably need the nursery's permission to publish. Check with them...and perhaps they can help you contact her. Such a talent! Sadly missed here on GW.

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Brian, thanks for the nice e-mail. For some reason you are 'unknown' when I try to answer it. Can't get through to you. Hope the information I posted above was of some help to you.

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bahia(SF Bay Area)

You might try making contact through her web blog site at www.spinningtumor.blogspot.com, and leave her an email. She does not seem to be writing much about gardening or roses anymore these days, as she has bigger fish to fry. It would be a treat to have her writing again on the gardenweb, but that seems unlikely given her current situation.

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Elizabeth, bless her, had hoped to inject some life into this forum and just like most drugs when it wears off we are left with less than we had before. Or we are left only with ourselves in withdrawal. I found it difficult to relate to her illness in a way that doesn't seem patronizing considering my debt to her. I have no idea why such a bright light was extinguished by the gardenweb but we should honour the lady by using her as inspiration. I don't have any secret information about her, she has been unwell for a while and I can't say that I would react as she did, what I do know is that this forum was worth visiting and sharing when she was here. You may not be able to Leda w hor to culture but this madam can lead you to a more exciting way to write about gardening.

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If I remember correctly all Elizabeth did was suggest a need for an alternative to this website. I guess the powers that be at that time thought it was in competition with what they were doing. I find it amazing that no matter how many times this site gets sold the old grudges prevail. Once banned, forever banned.

Reading her medical themed blog is engaging. She is a true talent.

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