The Dark Garden: Micky Mouse

georgeiiiMay 31, 2009

And the wind began to howl

The ode to the (P)ee

that came from me

From natureÂs plan

we all began

we took our place

to over look all we could see

We speak in thunder

lighting at our finger tips

the mind speaks in molecules

and dreams of planets unseen

The wind does our bidding

to carry us where we want to go

we have machines

to tell us what we want to know

Yes like Mickey Mouse

we... picked... up... the.... Wand

Now Mickey picked up his hand

Mickey knew he could do better

Haaahaaaa, please forgive me

I get off key

Now as the Master slept

into the night Mickey crept

He read the book

he took that look

the Words were read aloud

A Gleam was set

power with out knowledge

Wisdom with out years




but his mind only read...part of the verse


To say the least

Sunrise was coming

to that little mind of his

and things were out of control

but not a look into that BOOK

The Heavens were open

the Depths were reveled

but Mickey was in trouble

WhatÂs it all mean?

That was the Moment

The Master Arrived

With Eyes that Simmered

He looked over the place

Mickey came running

with that Wand in hand

The Master waved him off

Stepped forward... and.... took a pee

The winds grew quiet

Space closed once more

The mountains grew quiet

The seas did recede

Just give back

and all will be at ease

were all the words he said

before Knocking Mickey up side the head

Soooooo with that in Mind

the (P)ee Garden Came to be

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