How do I plant virginia bluebell bare roots?

mickbo(6A)November 18, 2010

I ordered 6 Virginia Bluebell bare roots which arrived today. I would say each of these bare roots is about 4 inches long. It appears that there are some tiny branches on one end of each bare root with white, pointy tips. Are these the sprouting ends that face upward? Also, do I need to plant and cover these bare roots entirely with soil or have a few inches exposed above the ground (the sprouting branches)? The planting directions that came with the roots are somewhat vague in my opinion. It simply says to "plant approximately two inches deep." This is my first time planting virginia bluebells so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Good question. I have big groups of them, but I always transplant mine in the spring when I can see them, with the leaves of course sticking above the ground. I just went out and poked around gently where I know they are, and couldn't find any sign of them (I didn't go more than half an inch deep) but I know they have a root kind of like a carrot. I think I would spit the difference, and plant the crowns aboout an inch deep. You could try some at ground level and some deeper, see what happens. They are wildflowers, they may just pull themselves where they need to be.

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I bought bare roots AND also found them on a rescue. I planted them all with soil completely covering them, but not too deeply. If you have a problem of which way is up, you can always put them on their sides. They will find the top. I learned that from planting bulbs years ago.

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terrene(5b MA)

Mickbo, where did you buy your VA bluebells? I have a couple small plants, one from a swap and one started from seed but would love to have lots of these.

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