My attempt to control Sungolds/Sweet 100s

Phildeez(9b)July 7, 2013

I may have finally contained these two crazy strains. Last year I had to trellis them up the balcony above me and they became monstrous beasts that tried to eat the entire building. This year I built the trellis early with a nice big "Y" at the top for them to bush out into.

I thought it would be fun to pick tomatoes above your head. I let one or 2 early suckers develop and pruned all the rest up to about 5' where I let them bush out into the top space.

This bottom of the Y is about 6 feet. My yield so far has been really good compared to letting them bush out more like I did last year. I also hope the increased air flow will keep them going strong through fall.

Took 4 1"x2"x3' redwood stakes and a spool of 14ga wire. Combined cost with the fence posts was under $30 which I thought was pretty good for how sturdy it is.

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Looks good. I might have to do that with my Sweet Million.

It grew over the top of my 6 foot PVC cage and is now
almost halfway down to the ground.

Nice idea.

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Yeah cherry tomatoes are just insane by the end of the season(s) here or anywhere with two growing seasons. I am still concerned that this will not be enough but I like the idea of growing down from way up high at the edges of the Y, as long as they would not snap at the wire from weight.

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