texasmom83July 12, 2014

I think this is some sort of rose. My plan here is to make this area a bed but trying to keep this guy and work around him. How can I help him look better? I don't quite understand pruning but I bought some sheers. He's a lanky fella.

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Its a rose. Get rid of the grass in a 2ft circle around the plant and mulch it.

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

You can cut that one long branch waving around to even it up with the others, but wait and see what kind of rose it is before hard pruning. After clearing the grass and applying mulch give it about half a cup of lawn or rose fertilizer and water it in. Roses like plenty of water, sun, and fertilizer to bloom well.

Good luck with all you're doing in the yard!

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

I'm kind of suspicious of the long cane with few thorns. It may be a sucker. You would need to take away some soil from around the base to see where the canes originate. Hope this drawing helps.

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What is a sucker? Thank u this is so helpful. It comes up out of the ground away from the main part. Is that bad?

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That's a sucker: a growth from the roots or an area outside off the graft (if it is a grafted plant). I suggest that you pamper your plant (clean the grass around, apply fertilizer, removed any dead material, etc.) and whenever it blooms, then make the decision if you want to keep it or not.


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It also could be a climbing rose. If you post the pic on the rose forum you might can get it identified and then you would know how to prune it in the spring. It looks healthy. Also if it's a once bloomer you wouldn't want to prune it now.

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