i saw you in my garden

auntyara(5a)June 11, 2009

I saw you in my garden today.

It was just like my dreams.

you where smiling, i was so lonely.

i ran to you and you went away.

I thought today's the day...

My hell is over now.

But when i got closer you faded away.

i begged you Brian please don't leave. but you were already gone.

how cruel life can be and still we carry on.

not by choice that's for sure because i would have gladly followed.

KILLED by a drunk driver. what a horrible cliche.

my beautiful son Brian has gone away.

my garden feels so empty. no joy in each new sprout.

my life is full of pain no flower can erase.

oh Brian please don't leave me.

even Spring has no cure.

Love Always


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i miss you

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