tree trunk stepping stones

germodderNovember 13, 2006

WE have cut a pine tree and I have had the trunk sliced into circles about 2-3 inches thick. I am going to put these down as a path in my woodland garden. Do you have any ideas for treating the slices to help protect them from the weather

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Polyurethane comes to mind. There are also products that are used to restore rotted wood like Keypoxy Wood Restorer but I've never tried them. Linseed oil also comes to mind.

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In the 70's I had a path of wood (pine)stepping stones, they were very slippery, just from the dew, or wicking up moisture from the soil, so be careful.. They all rotten within about 4 years. Even pressure treated decks/stairs are slippery when wet. I now have alot of granite sink cut-outs (free from granite countertop suppliers) that I flip over to use the non-polished side (the polished side is very slippery-don't ask me how I know-ouch, ouch).

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I use wood chips or crushed stone a/k/a gravel (the more irregular in shape the stone pieces are, the better) for paths.

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waplummer(Z5 NY)

I did the same thing with oak except mine were about six inches thick. They lasted quite a number of years and when they did rot they were removed and concrete poured in the holes that remained. pine would not last as long.

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