Advice needed on interested publications

mcrean1(z8 GA)July 11, 2004

Hey folks,

I'll soon complete my first major greenhouse assembly project and I have the experience chronicled and have loads of pics. I could format the material in a number of ways -- a review of this manufacturer's greenhouse (I'd be the first), a first person first-timers experience, or a how-to/what-to-look for piece.

Can any of you recommend a direction I should take and any possible interested publications I can approach? I welcome any thoughts or feedback anyone may have.

I have some regional publications identified as possible options, but one can never have enough opportunities ;-)

Thanks all.

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You could contact Steve Giddings of Georgia Gardener magazine at:
or you can contact
Cindy Pugliese of New South Gardener at:
Both pay close to the same, but contact each, visit their web sites, then decide.

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mcrean1(z8 GA)

Hey Eddie,

Thanks for the advice. I'm a subscriber to Georgia Gardener, but had not heard of New South Gardener. Do you know if these publications routinely take unsolicited articles, and perhaps what their lead times are?

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Yes, they accept unsolicited articles. They should publish their lead time under writers guidelines on their sites?

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mcrean1(z8 GA)

I looked on both sites for their guidelines and I don't see them on-line. I went ahead and e-mailed the editors and asked for copies.

BTW, have you published in these before?

Before I close here, I wanted to say thank you so much for helping me out. Always nice to meet another friendly writer.

Thanks again.

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Isn't this the kind of piece that Fine Gardening uses? Your experience would be interesting to gardeners everywhere, so I don't see why a regional publication would be the way to go.

Having written only for a local newspaper, I can attest that it's probably more gratifying to be published in a national magazine.

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Digging in the Dirt has a very good point. I don't know why I only recommended regional publications.

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