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Hooti(z5 NY)December 29, 2004

Hi-I rediscovered the New England Wild Flower Society looking up scientific names I am always too lazy to go get the book and plug the common names in search if I don't remember or can't spell.

They have an incredible number of native plant seeds, and, I guess, correctly store seeds that need immediate storing-something for profit companies cannot do as its not cost effective. The descriptions are way better than I got from seed companies last year, and several species would have done way better for me if I had the directions from them.

Not to push one society or another, as I am sure different areas of the country each have their own, but newer members may consider looking into areas such as this, as they have lists of invasive species, lists of endangered species, and their goal is conservation, not profit.

Pretty much all of my dream plants are on their seed list, but before I spend alot of money (yes, even seeds are alot of money relative to my budget) I was wondering if anyone here has ordered from them. How did you make out? They do not say how many are in a packet, so I was wondering if anyone knows if the seed packets are comparable to seed companies, and if you were satisfied with the sizes.

Just looking at the lists would be helpful to newer woodland gardeners, I think. You are pretty much safe with anything on the list as opposed to going to a store or greenhouse. Even if you just take the list when you go shopping it would give you good ideas on native plants.

With so many kinds of native species, please consider moving along the spectrum to natural/native gardening. I see better choices for several plants then I would have made. Choosing rare or endangered species makes your garden unique and a showpiece, as well as good for our planet. You help the whole ecological system, for many are important to animals, birds and insects.

I am not saying that you have to be religious about it all, but perhaps each time you make a decision you can make sure you have good information to base it on, and make the ecological decision more often. I have changed my wish list alittle, and learned some things about plants I already have or was intending to obtain.

Anyhow, I will add the link at the bottom of the page.



Here is a link that might be useful: New England Wildflower Society

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I love The New England Wildflower Society.

For me, I often find the need to use several online resources as a guide to plant selection for my woodlands as well as my wetlands. Illinois is not all that progressive in this area. A combination approach of utilizing different sources has helped me considerably to insure I am making the most responsible choices.

Illinois Native Plant Society

Wild Ones, Lake to Prairie Chapter

National Audubon Society. Lake County Chapter
Wetlands Campaign
Illinois Bluebird Project

International Carnivorous Plant Society

Chicago Wilderness Coalition

Native Fish Society

The Nature Conservancy

Chicago Botanical Gardens

Illinois Dpt Of Agriculture

McHenry County Defenders
Many of these organizations offer seminars and workshops which is great! Many also host native plant sales and McHenry County Defenders has probably the best native plant sale I have seen in a long time.

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The North American Native Plant Society has some good articles, and also organizes a seed swap amonst members. If you donate seed, you get some packets free. Other packets are about $1.00.

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