How do I build steps into woodland

lvannote(z5IN)December 13, 2006

Does anybody have any ideas about making paths accesseble on steep grades through woods. I cannot afford to use stone . I might be able to cut some fallen trees up to make steps , but I am not sure that will work. My woods is all hills and I am getting old. Please help.


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Here is a web address for some instructions I found:

Winding switchback trails would be less steep than a straight climb, would require less actual steps. You can anchor the occasional steps in a switchback trail by digging them in a bit and staking with re-bar or with "deadmen" if you are really ambitious. Try the hillside forum also.

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Most of my friends dig steps.
You might place a board on the lip of the step, but mostly they just have dirt steps through the woods. It's a bit labor intensive in the beginning but seems to hold up. I was just talking to a friend who did them originally 10 years ago and they still look great.

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knottyceltic(S/W Ontario 5b)

yes, as drummergirl says, you place a barrier in front of each terrace you wish to make and then backfill to create the level terrace or step. Very simple but lots of back breaking shovelling to backfill if you don't have a mechanical means such as a mini-backhoe or something.


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We have the same problem with a steep slope to the wonderful lower garden. We dig steps every spring and the rains wash them to gullies. I hesitate to put down old railroad ties or split logs because these can become very slippery during rains. I guess eventually we'll end up laying down some flat stone like limestone.

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