gerhard(Z6/7)December 3, 2006


can anyone give me some information on the following hepaticas: H. Louise Koehler, H. acutiloba 'Eco White Giant', H. nobilis 'Millstream Merlin', H. 'Crockers Jewel' Any info is appreciated, a source would be gigantic.

Thank you.

Gerhard Z6

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The 'Eco White Giant' is one of Don Jacobs' selections. I'm not sure if he still has those available. I cultivated one for years and it was an awesome plant, apparently a tetraploid, as leaves were at least four times normal size and flowers were white, very large, often semi-double or double. It, unlike the species, was herbaceous and did not return one spring. That was the year of the Vole explosion and I attribute it's demise to their voracious appetite.
Email me for his email or snailmail address and/or phone no. If I talk to him within the next few days, I will post the status of it.

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Talked to Don Jacobls this AM and said he is reasonably sure that he has the Hepatica acutiloba 'Eco White Giant' growing in his woodlands.
If interested, email me at Cornerstone1133@Aol.com for his addy.

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