Leelu1July 15, 2013

Hi, I just seeded my lawn 2 monts ago it was great growing beautifully but then the weeds started to come out. I did everything killed the old grass, took it all out softened the dirt seeded it with tall fescue seed.used top soil fertalized it with starter fertalizer and watered it three times a day for the first month then once a day after. The weeds came out and it looked like they were killing the grass. It started with clover then dandelion and crabgrass and I went to home depot and bought a weed killer it had a picture of all the weeds I had the guy recommended that one so I got it . Connected it to my hose and sprayed the whole lawn now my grass is all yellow except the weeds !! Help please

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Post this to the weeds forum. This is the writer's forum.

If you keep mowing the "lawn,"
eventually the grass will take over.
And, sometimes the weeds have pretty flowers.
Enjoy them without poison.
Nature is not perfect.
Strive for perfection and you will always be disappointed.

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