Shading for Fall Garden?

Jaeger62(8a)July 9, 2012

I have a small garden plot (approximately 20'x16') and am thinking about building a DIY shade canopy system for July/August transplants and seedlings. Combined with a new drip tape irrigation system I'm going to install I think my plants would be helped getting established this summer.

Would this be beneficial to me or a waste of time/resources? I was going to use PVC pipe for the frame and 30% shade cloth on top for the shading. It would be simple to take down after the worst of August is over and could be used year to year. Was thinking it would also give me a little extra production from my spring crops next July?


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I, too am interested in planting a fall garden and wondered when do you decide to tear out the old and put in the new? My squash,cucumbers and okra are still doing well & one yellow pear tomato but the beans, red tomatoes, & yellow squash have given out or never did well. I did pull them out. Is it ok to bury the plants in the garden to start composting the soil where they were growing? I live in Central TX and it stays hot until way into Sept. so wouldn't the transplants of broccoli, cabbage, etc. wilt in our TX heat and sun? Or do you plant only seeds for a fall garden? I like the idea of putting up shade cloth.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mia's Garden

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

Shade is good. I would go for it. I am planting my tomatoes in big buckets because my other tomatoes aren't done yet. I will keep the tomaroes in the shade till I uproot the old tomatoes.My garden is also 16 X 20'. Most is bare but I don't want to put the fall tomatoes where the it is bare because that is next years spot for tomatoes. With this rain and cool night time temps, I am hoping for another rush of tomatoes. Is that asking for too much? The watering is easier in the buckets also.

I invested in Frost cloth for my winter garden and that is three years old so far.

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

I agree. Sounds like a good idea. I put up sheets on poles tied at the corners with heavy rubber bands to shade some of the roses from last summer's intense heat and sun, but it wasn't very attractive ... LOL Just in case I've been buying up all the used beach umbrellas I can find. So far I have four, which I hope won't be needed.

One of the rose club exhibitors in San Antonio built a really nice shade frame with PVC pipe. He made it so the shade cloth was attached with rings so it could be rolled back when needed.

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