oust herbicide??

hoosierdaddy2(z5 IN)December 10, 2004

Does anyone here have any experience using Oust herbicide on a newly planted tree farm?

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Try the Trees Forum? There has to be somebody over there who has used or is using this product. The active ingredient is Sulfometuron-methyl in Oust and I won't use that on my property. The other thing that irked me about it is that if you are going to use it as a pre emergent, you need to apply it when it is either raining or going to rain so that the chemical will get to the roots. I looked at it as a possibility and then figured it would be best for me to stick to Rodeo as a broad spectrum herbicide because of all the critters around me. I use Garlon 4 but I've also been using Garlon 3 RTU lately for Buckthorn. Lemme think here... I have used RoundUp on Reed Canary Grass but other than those nasties, I try to smother other nasties with tarps or pull everything up by hand or weed wrench. I definitely don't have a tree farm but would a little orchard of 12 fruit trees count?

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hoosierdaddy2(z5 IN)

Thank you for your response Laura. Unfortunatly, my district forester told me to use Oust. I now have that nagging feeling I should have asked why, when I picked up my seedlings a man heard me mention Oust and said "be careful with that stuff". Again, I guess I was hoping someone would chime in and say "be sure do this" or "never do that". Something like that. By the way I'm talking about 10,000 trees.

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Er uh... smothering would be beyond impractical. But if you decide to go that route, buy stock in the tarp companies BEFORE you go out and buy supplies to smother. Oh yes, if you are going to go with smothering, let me know so I can buy stock since you have 10,000 trees there.

Please consider going to the Trees forum and posting your question. I promise there will be somebody there who can help you who is dealing with a similar situation. Oust may be perfectly acceptable for non fruiting applications where there is no water anywhere. The other issue I recall from researching that product was there were concerns about critters. I have 2 legged critters running around here as well as my dogs and then there are all the 4 legged critters- raccoons, opossums, chipmunks, deer, and a new family of fox. I don't recall the specifics but something with that product sent up red flags with my kids and their friends running around in the area where I was going to use it. The other deal I recall was water and I have wetlands, a vernal creek, and several ponds here. I have learned to hang on to my receipts until I touch base with my tree gurus over there. I ordered about 1400 Trees last season and it was a son of a gun reducing the competition around the bases of them. I ended up tubing what was still standing and mulching almost every single last tree. When I was done, I felt as if I should have started a work hardening program for profit so I could have stood around bossing people while sipping lemonade. Oh did that take a toll on my body and the thought of 10,000 gives me heart failure.

Best wishes to you.

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Who sells Rodeo? Can't seem to find it. It IS safe to use at the edge of the lake; WILL NOT kill the fish; correct? Thanks

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Check out Monsanto's website for Rodeo.

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Rodeo is manufactured by Dow AgroSciences, not Monsanto. Monsanto's version of an aquatically labeled glyphosate herbicide is Aquamaster. Both are labeled for use in and around lakes and rivers.

Here is a link that might be useful: CDMS

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