What are your stubborn varieties?

gardenmommy_2010July 20, 2011

What plants do you have that are driving you crazy? In the past couple weeks most of my plants have gotten with the program and started fruiting. Orange Russian 117, Orange Strawberry, Hillbilly & Aunt Ruby German Green were just a little late to join the party. However, Prudens Purple & Yellow Brandywine are still nonperformers. There are lots of blossoms but no tomatoes. I'm sure one of these rounds of blossoms will take but in the meantime I just keep checking. I expected this with a Brandywine but didn't know Prudens Purple would be a slow/scant producer.

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jwr6404(8B Wa)

German Johnson(RL) is the only plant(out of 15) I have that is Tomato Free.It is my largest plant as well. My Tomatoes were started and finally transplanted in the same potting soil,mixed with Mushroom Compost,that has worked for me in the past.


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grape tomato has the wilt, both san marzanos have like 2 fruits, the beefsteak has 1. The romas are happy if they would ever turn red, the pink lady and celebrity also have full size green fruits. It has been pretty hot here in NC this summer tho so I might get some when it cools off.

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

My Old German was planted just over 5 weeks ago. Nearly all of its trusses stopped developing at the 1/4-1/2" size (that's the size of the entire stunted truss; the flowers didn't get remotely close to blooming, and are still present). There is a 2" tomato and a 1" tomato (on different branches) and IIRC, one or two 3/8 - 1/2" fruit (from probably 12 or 15 trusses).

Has anyone ever seen a tomato with the majority of the trusses undeveloped like that? [The vine itself is quite healthy, other than having had a few leaves slightly nibbled by a young tobacco hornworm (now deceased). The plants on either side are just fine. No weedkillers have been used except, two months before the tomatoes were planted, Roundup was sprayed on the mugwort that came with that load of dirt; I'm glad to report that the Roundup got about 98% of the mugwort.]

The other toms planted at the same time all have normal trusses and flowers, as well as multiple fruit. Black Krim is trying to overrun the world -- and Juliet has so many fruit I can't count; I'm pretty sure every single flower has produced a fruit (probably close to a hundred). I suppose you could say that Juliet's stubborn in her own way....

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Soldacki, Brandywine, and Isis Candy are lagging for me. Prudens Purple is the largest tomato in my garden right now and is setting a lot of fruit. Funny how varieties can be so different from place to place.

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I'm happy to report that Yellow Brandywine now has 1 tomato w/ more blossoms coming & thickening stems - hoping for more. Now it's just Prudens Purple that needs to come through. One of the Prudens Purple was planted real late so I'm not holding that against him but the other is 5' tall & laden w/ blossoms. Here's hoping that some of those blossoms finally set so all varieties will have some tomatoes.

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I am waiting to see more than two fruits developing on Kellogs Breakfast. Not really many blossoms either. It must be like Brandywine in that way. Next year I think I will return to Nebraska Wedding for my orange tomato choice. It actually did quite well for me before.

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

Rostova, Marianna's Peace and Goose Creek. I've gotten one ripe Giant Belgium from two plants. The only decent harvest came from Paul Robeson. Rostova's the only one I've grown before. Last year it began producing ripe tomatoes in the third week of June. Record breaking rain at the beginning of the season and the "heat dome" have taken their toll this year.

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johnnyb4444(5 illinois)

Mr Stripey for me not really any blossoms on 2 plants. Oxheart producing like crazy & Brazilian beauty very productive.

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Well, I'm happy to report that I now have 3 baby tomatoes on my Yellow Brandywine although there are still no tomatoes on my 2 Prudens Purple plants. Also, one of my Romas is giving me a run for my money - every tomato is getting BER. It's on the same watering schedule & same location as the other Roma which is just fine. Really, it's my only plant w/ BER. But, I don't think I'll plant Roma next year - most heavily hit w/ Bacterial Spot & now BER. Plus, I wasn't that excited about it in the first place. So, now just waiting for Prudens Purple to do something!

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