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jordung(03895)July 14, 2005

I work in a nursing home where a resident produced a looseleaf of poems she said she wrote. I read a few that looked like it could be something she wrote. Then she produced this one. I really wonder if she wrote it, It seems too good.

Has anyone ever seen this poem or one like it. I don't want to be suspicious but if she is claiming this is hers and it isn't I think she may have a problem.

My Garden of love is a special place

For that is where I abide in my LordÂs grace

He guides my shovel, my rake and hoe

And the seed that I plant I know grow

He is by my side continuously

He gives me peace and serenity

The flowers bloom in spring, summer and fall,

And winter the time that ends my toil.

Then the plants gently sleep in mulches and and snows

Til in the spring Nature slowly bestows,

A shower of flowers once more to be seen,

Arrayed in all colors never perceived.

Each moment I spend in My Garden of Love,

I come closer and closer to my God above.

Though IÂve toiled very hard, this place to achieve,

My Garden of Love is a place that is real.

Surrounded by stones entranced in the earth.

At times, I did think how unmovable they were.

But a prayer sent forth to my Lord above,

Boulders became lighter than flights of doves.

The earth gave up secrets of ancestral past,

Their were marbles and pieces of china and glass.

Children once played in My Garden of Love,

And they too were watched by my Lord above.

My Garden of Love is a wonderful place,

Where worries and sorrows will be erased.

My Lord will comfort all who come to see,

My Garden of Love, He designed it for me.

Forever the flowers in full bloom will be,

Til time rushes into eternity.

I leave to you My Garden of Love,

Kindly watch over it with tenderly love.

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Ideefixe(SoCal/Sunset 23)

Well, I googled it and nothing showed up. To be honest, who cares? You'd be amazed at the number of people who claim to have written fairly well-known poems.
And besides, there are some misspellings and grammar mistakes, so it's not likely that she copied it from a published source.

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