The Dark Garden: The Setting Sun

georgeiiiJuly 27, 2009

As mountains rise

to catch the setting sun

it takes brush in hand

to paint the chasing clouds

in royalty decorations

dimness of sight

brings out the light

of Moon lit shadows eve

our labors lay before us

a mess of stalks, vines

branches and twigs

but we sit down

having just got round

the gardens treasure trove

for in we reached

into that tangled mass

to bring out fairy gold

tomato, onions, beans

we sit right there

right there in that chair

to nibble sweet corn

or a peppers heat

Ahhh but we go from there

for waters on the boil

to melt this gold

into our evening meal

but tomorrow weÂll return

to hunt this treasure trove

as the mountains rise

to catch the setting sun

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