Poplar tree cuttings in december in Canada.

xcaret(Calgary Alberta)December 21, 2009

I'd like to start a few poplar trees indoors in a week or so,and wondering if it is likley to work. I know I can wait till spring ,but I want it now!!! lol. I'm thinking since it's been way below freezing here in Canada for a few weeks ,maybe I can take a cutting off a frozen tree put it in a pot of soil add water ,bring it indoors and have a tree started for springtime..

Any advise will be appreciated

Thanks ,Neil

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I'm not sure what it's like in Calgary, but poplar trees here are prodigious seed producers - so much so that the "cottonwoods" live up to their name and produce so much seed laden "cotton" that it looks like it has snowed when they are in full production. (See picture below.) Poplar seedlings are pretty easy to find here, there, and everywhere. I'd suggest looking for poplar seedlings and try your cutting experiment with maybe another tree or shrub. The seed-grown plants will be strong and hardy.


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