How to rid grass of dog urine spots

sharonlf(z10 AZ)June 18, 2006

I live in hot and sunny Arizona where most people don't have lawns. I,however, craved grass and now have a small patch of lawn (Bermuda Grass). I also have two Labrador Retrievers. My older Lab doesn't use the grass as her bathroom and until now I haven't had a problem. I recently adopted a year old Lab and she just loves to go to the bathroom on the grass! I've tried hosing it off frequently but the brown spots are still there. Is there anything that I can do? No, I will not get rid of the dog!

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First, try soaking the area as you are looking to flush the area of excessive salt from the urine. Second, make usre your grass has enough nitrogen overall so that it can fill in where the grass had died. This is not an easy issue.

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There is a new product on the market called Guard Dog lawn protectant or Pet Peeeve lawn protectant. It cures and prevents urine spots from dogs or rabbits. There web site is

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I have used lots of snake oil formulas that supposedly get rid of dog urine spots, yet none have really worked. In fact, none have worked at all. The only way I have ever gotten rid of these spots is I wind up digging up the spot, putting black dirt or such in the spot and re-seeding. So does anyone have first hand experience with this product and let me know if it worked for you? How many spots? How big? Concentrate or ready to spray? How many times did you have to apply, did it work right away? Did it work or not? How long did it take? Does it work as advertised? How many dogs do you have? Except for the dog spots, my lawn is pristine, we take great pride in our lawn and it looks great...except for the 20 sq ft spot where the dogs go and that has lots of urine spots and hasn't responded to anything other than a complete digging out and adding dirt and reseeding or resodding...thanks


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Frank: You simply MUST try turfpro! I have 2 labradors, and lots of large dog spots, and I tried many different solutions with no success. Finally, I called into a local radio show hosted by a well respected gardener and landscaper known as the Garden Rebel. He recommended this product, saying it was the best thing he had seen in at least the last 10 years. It is a super-concentrated liquid you simply attach to your hose and spray on the spots. It is called TurfPro, I bought it at It is 100% natural and organic, and comes from an ancient humus deposit which is apparently one of the richest ever found. As I understand it, many humate amendments contain the very important Humic, Ulmic, and Fulvic acids, but, are often leached out of some type of coal with chemicals, etc, and therefore are not completely organic, and do not contain important microbiology. This product has a full spectrum of biology that is naturally left intact, and completes the beneficial cycle of a balanced soil. That is probably more than you wanted or needed to know, but, I have witnessed a reduced irrigation expense as I now am able to use less water, and my fertilizer use has been more than cut in half, and I think I will be able to eliminate it altogether. My grass and plants are stronger and more resistant to drought and disease, just like they said would happen. I started out just using it on my dog urine spots, but, when the brown spots turned into grass that looked better than the rest of my yard, I started using it everywhere! I hope you have a great experience with this product like I did.

Here is a link that might be useful: Eco-Friendly Products and Services

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Here is a new product on the market that works great! It turns any brown spot green instantly. It's simple, all I had to was use the spray bottle and spray the brown patch and the brown was gone. I highly recommend this product to anyone. (

Here is a link that might be useful: Natural Green Grass Patch

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The Guard Dog stuff works. It really is a great product. I tried it on a whim and was amazed at the results.

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I have tried the product listed above, TurfPro and it really works great. It took a few applications but it really did stop my grass from being burnt when my lab went on the lawn. I have tried some of these other products and some are just painting the grass green, that does not solve anything.

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Guard Dog is not available at the site anymore, but Rascal Spots is an improved formulation that guarantees the results.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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