Is this Late Blight?

lexiegurl09July 22, 2012

Hi everyone,

Hopefully someone can calm my fears that this may be late blight. I'm leaning toward that it is not, but I want to be sure. These pictures are from my Black Cherry tomato plant. It is the only plant that I got these leaves off of today, but I have removed leaves/stems with leaves that had leaves looking like this off both this plant and the plant beside it within the past week or two. I know late blight is a FAST moving disease so that is what is calming my fears some. Late blight has been confirmed in my state about 50-60 miles away (roughly). If it is not late blight, what else could it be? Needed info:

-I water about every other day-every 2 days as we have been hot here and these plants are in cinder block raised beds so they dry out pretty quick

-We have been having daytime temps in the 90' and nighttime temps in the upper 70's with high humidity 24/7

-The were last fed with fish/seaweed about 2-3 weeks and fed prior to that a couple times with miracle gro.

-They are in a mix of topsoil, leaf compost, and turkey compost (with lots of bark, which I am not happy about)

- Plant has many green tomatoes but no ripe ones yet, it has been in ground since May 6th

- I have Daconil but have not used it yet and have been lucky to not have any bad disease problems with these plants YET

-I know I have flea beetles and some kind of worm (tomato pinworm I believe)

thank you for any and all help!!

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

Doesn't look like it. I'm assuming it's the lower foilage. Just remove the bad foliage. I'd probably use the Daconil soon. My Black Cherry went in the first week in May also and I just got my first red/black ones a few days ago. It's been hot here too. Just use the Daconil and keep them watered. You should have tomatoes soon.

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Yes, it is the lower leaves. If this is not late blight, what is it? Whatever it is, it's moving at a quick pace on this one plant. I just took another 3 or 4 limbs off today (so 8 limbs in 24 hrs.) It is moving UP the plant. The interesting things to note: no stem lesions, no fruit lesions, just harvested first blushing fruit today (3 of them). I have gone 3 days without watering it (which is longer than normal) to see if it could tolerate it as I will be gone for 9 days and was trying to see if these plants could go 3 days without water. Could this just be water/drought stress? I am going to water it tonight (with an overhead sprinkler, bad I know) and see if that improves the limbs that look bad but not bad enough to pull. The small suckers starting (about 8-12" high) do not seem to be affected. So the lower limbs are affected but not the sucker limbs at the same level. I'm considering pulling this plant and just need to know if it can be saved at this point or not as I do not want it to stay in the bed if it could spread to my other plants. Thank you!

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