Breaking into garden writing

happyintexas(z7 TX)August 30, 2005

Hi everyone,

I've been published in some small, but national, mags with parenting and homeschooling articles. I'd love to break into the world of garden writing. I feel a little intimidated because I'm not a horticulturist or a nursery owner or a landscaper. I'm a passionate and enthusiastic gardener with decent research and writing skills.

Any advice for getting started?


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Start by looking carefully at the magazines you buy and then pop to the local library and pick up Writers Market, and any other gardening mags that you do not read. Look at the style and content and see which ones you would like to write for (some are scholarly, others 'over the back fence' style). Look for the editor of the mags and/or look for writers guidelines online. Write a query or article, as you would for parenting magazines and wait,....and wait some more...(LOL).
Good luck
BTW - I would like to get into parenting mags as well!

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Just do it. Go ahead and be writing articles that YOU like and chances are others will also. Write from your personal experience plus do a few articles you have to research. Stockpile these articles and you will be ready to submit and not feel pressured. Do a google search for garden magazines. Also, be thinking about joining the Garden Writers Association.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden Writers Association

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clfo(z7 with luck)

I second Eddie about GWA - attend the next GWA meeting if you can and you will come away inspired and motivated.

That said, take your lead from two words in your post: "passionate...gardener" ("enthusiastic isn't bad eiher!) Think of a garden topic you are passionate about, and either write an article about it or enough of an outline that you can send query letters to various gardening magazines.

Don't ignore regional magazines that publish articles about gardens - they are usually looking for local writers.

Keep us posted!

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Do some volunteer writing for local Master Gardener groups, or offer to write a "monthly tips" one-pager for a local independently owned nursery. You'd be surprised how much practice you will get doing free articles, and if you list a way for people to leave you feedback, you will see what has worked and what hasn't.

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Sign up with a Master Gardner or 4-H program thru your local County Co-operative Extension Service and take it from there. You will derive great personal satisfaction!

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happyhoe(z6 OH)

Since you are already writing for the homeschooled set, just combine the two types of writing then move toward more of a gardening slant.

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dpratt(z7 tx)

Good evening:

We are a printing company who produces plant labels for various customers in the nursery industry. We are seeking copy writers to write horticultural copy to go on plant labels.

Please let me know ASAP if you have an interest.

David M. Pratt
Horticultural Marketing and Printing
3210 Innovative Way
Mesquite, TX 75149
Phone: 972.222.4771

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