500+ Garden Writers assemble in Chicago-

eddie_ga_7a(8)August 13, 2003

I am finishing my packing and heading for Chicago in the morn for a week. The conference only lasts 4 days but wifeus wants to spend a week -so... I will be bringing along a Power Point program titled "GWA memories" of around 125 slides I have taken over the years but mostly of the last 3 conferences at Orlando , Philadelphia, and Seattle. I am also carrying along a disk of the "Dolly" song I wrote which I will perform at karaoke night. Maybe I will post the PP slide show to my website but it will have to wait till I get back. It runs 12 minutes. Will anyone here be at this meeting? If so look me up, I will be wearing a Hawiian shirt and acting like a rowdy southerner (it;s all part of the act)

Here is a link that might be useful: BittersweetGardens.Com

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I am so envious. This is our County Fair weekend and I can't get away:(

I will make it next year come ---- or highwater.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

And Chicago would like to point out that, as a special gesture of welcome to the esteemed Garden Writers, we have kept the lights, the air conditioning and the coffee pots running.

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I am in downtown Chicago right now, nice but I want to go Home (say, that would make a good song title). I am too tired right now to write much about the experience but come back later and I will have more if my short-term memory hangs in there. Okay, here's a teaser: I saw the most beautiful plants at Ball Seed Co., I saw the most beautiful women (all along but especially at the Awards Banquet, a few people didn't drink wine so rather than see it go to waste.....

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

you got wasted?

by now, Eddie must be home, where his thoughts keep straying, home, where his music's playing, home, where his love lies waiting quietly for him...

Veronicastrum Simon-Garfunkel

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I had it by " thoughts keep straying" as I am a big Simon fan and play a few of his songs. My favorite verse is "When I think back about all the crap I learned in high school, it's a wonder I can think at all"
Yes, I am back and dog tired. Wasted? I tell people as I hoist two glasses of wine at the same time (one red, one white) that I am a professional drinker and for them not to try this at home. Lots of stoic professionals there but I wasn't one of them (Rowdy Southerners is what they labled us about ten years ago) I saw beautiful gardens that would have been even prettier if my eyes hadn't been so bloodshot. I meet new people every year - wonderful, talented, smart and beautiful people and the best part is they love gardening as much as I do. I found out quite by accident that there are people who have been lurking on this site for years! I'm talking people who can write circles around me but who are hesitant to post.

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clfo(z7 with luck)

Great to meet you in Chicago... so many good people, so many beautiful gardens, so many plants to stuff into the suitcase. Let me encourage all garden writers/seakers/media types to join the fun at next year's meeting on Long Island, NY.

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Yes, I remember you Cl, we had a chat about dogs and about how southerners talk: "Excuse me all y'all while I go over yonder and mash that bug that's fixing to eat my 'maters."
Good luck on your radio show. I did stuff a few new plants into my suitcase but not enough to make up for all the dead ones I found after returning home. Did you see any of the tee shirts or chicken gourds I donated as door prizes? similar ones are on my site.

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Hi, Eddie ~

Thank you for your e-mail. It was great to see you, too, after all these years! I'm only disappointed you didn't bring your "gee-tar." DH and I still remember Augusta and how you entertained everyone.

Isn't CL great? We're very proud of her here in MA!

Have not looked at my pictures/images yet. Too pooped. But did get to plant my new babies. Hope they survive their plane ride. Unfortunately, I carried them in the plastic fertilizer bag (because it was deeper/longer than the others). Very dumb of me. Of course, it brought attention to them. Old age does not always guarantee wisdom.

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I hate not being able to bring my guitar along on these trips. I have written quite a few new songs that run the gamut as far as styles go. There's not a lot of free time and opportunities to play at these conventions. I might mention I have one song I wrote that is on my web site. It's about Dolly Parton. I performed it at the Monday Karaoke night in Chicago.

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...and I guess I missed meeting you!


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