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softfurnJune 18, 2006

Hi . I have a lawn which looks like mostly weeds. What would be the best plan of attack to make it look like healthy green grass. Do I kill off the weeds first and then replant seed? Or do I fertalize and hope the grass will choke the weeds out? TIA

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I can help better here if I know the State where this lawn is located.

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I'm in NY State...specifically, Long Island. Thanks

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CraftingMomma(Z5 MA)

My front lawn is the same as Softfurn's ... some grass ... lots of weeds. So I'd be interested in hearing the reply on this issue as well. I live in Massachusetts (zone 5).

An additional problem I have in my back yard ... my lawn and flower gardens are getting over run with moss. It's rather quickly erradicating any grass I had and starting to choke out the flowers in some of the garden beds. My backyard is mostly shadey (but not full shade) ... and lots of pine trees.

In advance ... thanks for any advice.


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Is the Doctor in??? I'm bringing this back up.

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Thank you very much for the inquiry. The first step is to try to identify the weeds. Some will be broadleaf and some grassy weeds. This will help us in knowing how to proceed. It is imperative that we control the weeds so that they will not compete with the grass seedlings. We will most likely apply a herbicide to the lawn, followed by seed and starter fertilizer. If crabgrass is a problem, you will need to control these weeds and this is not easy on Long Island due to chemical restrictions. For this reason, it may be best that you save this renovation for early September when the crabgrass is going to die and the grass seedlings will have the least weed pressure.

Again thanks for the inquiry.


Trey Rogers
The Yard Doctor

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I've read the responses to the lawn redo. I live in South San Francisco and I have the same issue with the lawn...WEEDS
What would you recommend for this area?

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I am having the same problem. the dandelions are so bad. what can i do to make my lawn look good. what weedkiller should i use and when do i reseed the lawn?

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Ok guys,

Thank you very much for your inquiry. I missed this thread somehow. The question of will grass choke out weeds if I start mowing, watering and fertilizing correctly is one we have pondered for some time. Time seems to be the operative word, as it will take quite a bit of it if you choose the no herbicide approach. Our belief is that if you start with a weed free lawn and perform the three practices above correctly, you can keep out the majority of weeds. We prescribe a theory we call Âresetting the clock (coined by my weed scientist friend, Ron Calhoun.), where you apply a herbicide to knock out the current weeds in your lawn and then fertilize, mow and water to promote healthy turf that keeps weeds from germinating. To just knock out the weeds and not do the lawn care practices correctly will only lead to the weeds returning and your need to apply the herbicide again.

Will this produce a 100% weed free lawn? No. But, you will be able walk your lawn with a small bottle or hand dig.

So the prescription is to apply the herbicide (Bayer or Ortho all in one products are great here) , fertilize to promote grass growth, and mow following the one-third rule to promote proper tillering (spread) of the grass to keep weeds from returning. Now you know the secret.

Again, thanks for the question and let me know if you have more.


Trey Rogers, The Briggs & Stratton Yard Doctor,

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My dad's lawn needs to be compleatly redone. It hasn't been watered (other than rain) in at least 5 years and was filled with long grassy weeds. I've cut down the weeds but I want to know what my next step should be. Should I aply an herbicide then till it, or will tilling it and removing the top 3 inches do the job? Also it's getting pretty hot here in Sacramento so should I wait until fall before resoding? This lawn has alot of potential but right now it's a mess! please help. Thank you very much for your time.

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I'm in a situation similar to mike9b.. my yard is a mixture of dead grass and slowly dying crab grass.. it hasn't been watered in some time and am wondering what the best way is to reset it all and start over from scratch.. I also live in Sacramento.

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