The scoop on water restrictions

greybird(z7 TX)July 19, 2011

Well, we are in stage 2 water restrictions, likely to go stage 3 next week.

This is the first time Vernon has EVER had water restrictions.

How does it work, and can you keep a landscape alive during restrictions?

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

The answer really depends on the type of landscape and how much time you have to water by hand.

I don't know if your stage 3 is the same as ours, but the restrictions mainly apply to sprinklers so you can water with a hand held hose at any time. That's how we manage to keep things looking pretty good around here.

Much of our landscape is low water use native and adapted plants so the only required watering is the garden and container plants on the deck. The garden is every other day and the containers are every day when it's hot.

Our buffalo grass lawn doesn't need water. I do see some of the neighbors out watering their lawn by hand. Most of the lawns I see do look pretty brown and we're only in stage 2.

If you have trees or shrubs be sure to deep water about once a month. By the time you see them showing stress, it will be nearly impossible to bring them back.

You can keep it all going, it's just a lot of extra work.

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It takes a bit of thought and work, but yes it can be done. As RODeer said, you can hand water anytime. So keeping the plants alive is very doable. As far as the lawn -- when Rowlett went to Stage 3 a few years ago, you could only water once a week between 8pm and 8am. I got up at 5am and turned on the sprinkler. Got up at 6am and moved the sprinkler. Turned the water off at 7am. When I got home that night, I would run the sprinkler in two locations from 8pm until 10pm. This was a pain in the patoot, but it kept my lawn alive until the heat broke and the rains came. My St Aug was already used to getting watered only once a week, so it took the weather and the restricted watering quite well. Once you get used to watering under these restrictions, it all gets easier.

Carla in Rowlett, TX

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