GWA Symposium on Long Island

saul368(z 7/9 CA)August 12, 2004

I recently joined the GWA and am looking forward to attending the symposium in Melville, New York. I'm in Region 4. I'm looking forward to meeting other garden writers. Everyone in Region 4 knows Dick Tracy. I will be bringing greetings from Dick Tracy. He has given me a list of friends he wants me to meet. Unfortunately, Dick will not be attending the symposium. If you are a friend of Dick Tracy, I'm looking forward to meeting you.

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I'll be there but I belong to a group called Rowdy Southerners so you just may want to avoid me, plus you would need a translator to understand me. For an example: What does he mean when he says "I'm fixing to go over yonder and mash that elevator button"?
Eddie R

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bostongardens(z6 MA)

Dear Saul368 ~ You'll find that the members are very nice and helpful. Be sure to attend the first-timers reception.

Don't believe Eddie. He's not rowdy at all. A real Southern gentleman, he is!

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saul368(z 7/9 CA)

I do plan on attending the first-timers reception on Friday. I also plan on visiting Boston after the symposium.

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saul368(z 7/9 CA)

My error. Received my August 2004 Quill & Trowel today and realized I am in Region VI, the Western states, not Region IV, the Southern states. Still looking forward to meeting friends of Dick Tracy, former director of Region VI.

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