Creeping red fescue?

nottaclue2(5b)June 19, 2006

What a great idea this forum is!!!

I have a DH who hates to mow!!! He actually JUST mowed for the FIST time on Saturday!!! The grass was waist high! I have recently seen a landscaping show on HGTV, where the small amount of grass (sod) that was installed was called creeping red fescue, also reffered to as "no mow grass". I would like to know if it is feesible to have an entire yard of this. My conditions are Zone 5, southern NH, VERY sandy soil, full light range from full sun to full shade, steep slopes, sparse grass and lots of weeds on approx. 1/2 acre. If this is a possibility, I would be more likely to go with seed rather than sod, due to the difference in expense. Oh yeah, we also have lots of chipmunks and moles who like to tear up the yard.

So, is this a good option for me? Could you recomend any other types of low growing grass that would need little to no mowing? Any other tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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Thank you very much for the inquiry. Creeping red fescue would be an excellent choice for your lawn, given the circumstances. I would not classify it or any grass for that matter, as a no-mow grass, but rather one that will rarely get above 8 inches tall. It will perform best if mowed at 3-4 inches weekly and fertilized in May and September. It can be established from seed. Seed it a rate of 2-3 lbs/1000 ft2 this September with a starter fertilizer. You should see satisfying results by Halloween.

Again thanks for the inquiry.


Trey Rogers
The Yard Doctor

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Would creeping red fescue grass be feasible in HOT Alabama? The H&G TV show I saw also reported it as being a "no mow" grass and very soft. If not....what would you suggest as a low grower that wouldn't need mowing very often? Thank you for your help...
Bobbe Kochinski

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Hi I love to have a good looking yard. I love landscaping. But my yard is some what shady. And I can't get it to fill in the bare spots. I have read and read. I have a patch of grass that I filled in at one time and it is spreading and I might like to get that. It is thick but not sure what it was. It looks a little like a fair way grass. A little lighter green then I like. What grasses spread the best? I have read about fine fescues but not sure which one to use. I live in springfield ohio. Not a whole lot of traffic except to work on yard, plants and train. No kids. Send any infomation you can to my e-mail. I would like a thick lawn. Thanks for any help Jim

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I live in Middle part of South Carolina not sure what zone. We are building a house in the woods. After cutting out for our driveway there is nothing but dirt on both sides. Part shade and sun. We would like to plant somtething now to keep erosions down would, red fescue work as a ground cover. We really do not want to have to cut grass very much.
It would be nice to have some green grass up the drive. Any suggestions.

Thanks, Linda

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My fiance has a house in the middle of a slope. The landscaping now is make of Crown vetch to hold the slope. I wanted to change that weed to Creeping red fescue. It will be possible this grass will hold the slope the same that Crown vetch?

thanks for the information. I live in cottage Grove WI

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I have a lot of shade trees in my yard and a hard time with fescue grasses.Ilooks great in the spring but b August it looks bad I have a sprinkler system so water is not a problem What grass will be best?

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We live 20 miles north of Little Rock, AR. We have 4 shade trees in the back yard and need to know what to plant. I have tried several kinds of fescue, but have not tried the creeping red fescue. It seems the fescue that I have tried tend to "clump" instead of spreading. The Farmers Coop says it is a turf fescue. I really need help. Thanks so much

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I have a marathon grass lawn which has part sun and part shade. and it does well but requires a lot of water. We have a shortage here and am looking for an evergreen ground cover. Is there a blade grass that would work for me?
Could you recommend a blade grass that needs less water that is green year round? Or if not a ground cover that can take light traffic?
Thank you,
Esther Levy

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Creeping fescue may be great for some areas and/or desired types of lawn, but I have concerns about mine. I like nice tall, single-blade grasses but I have something that has invaded that turns my lawn into a mat of grass that is all interconnected at the roots. It takes over entire portions of my lawn, and while green in the summer, it dies and turns brown all winter and early spring. Hard to get rid of too. I'm trying to eliminate this creeping grass, and beginning to wonder if I didn't introduce it myself through seeding. Not sure if this is bermuda grass, centipede grass or creeping fescue. Photos would be helpful. And tips on how to get rid of whatever it is. Lots of interconnecting roots..... Thanks!!!

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Robert, what you're describing sounds exactly like the way Bermuda grass tends to appear and spread in a lawn. It happens a lot around here, in Charlotte, NC.

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