How does 2,4-D impact the environment?

quirkyquercusJune 19, 2006

There are contradicting sources online about whether products containing 2,4-D (such as weed & feed) adversely impact the environment. Some say it's a nasty chemical that should (and has) been banned. Some say it's harmless. Products containing 2,4-D sure are easy to come by and I'd like to know what the Yard Dr or his staff has to say about it. Also would like to know if synthetic fertilizers impact the environment too. Thanks!

***Please, this is a question for the Yard Doctor & staff only***

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Dear Quirky,

Thank you very much for the inquiry. Anything, product or otherwise, has the ability to be abused. Chemicals and fertilizers are no different from alcohol or tobacco in that respect. However, with 2,4 D and synthetic fertilizers, if used judiciously in the amounts prescribed on the label and delivered properly will have no ill effects on the lawn the environment or society. Interestingly, turfgrasses show an amazing ability to metabolize and use chemicals and nutrients preventing them form ever getting to places where they can be harmful. The issue with these products comes when the applicator is careless and applies the products in a waterway (you may think ditch or stream here, but also a gutter will also be just as problematic. Will one person cause a difference? Of course not, but if neighborhoods are careless then there could be issues. This is why at my University we focus on this during our students quest for an education in turfgrass management. This way, the golf courses and athletic field managers act as stewards of the land. The more we can educate home owners, the better.

Again thanks for the inquiry.


Trey Rogers
The Yard Doctor

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