Torpedo Grass

lovesroses(z8 AL)June 17, 2006

Have the dread torpedo grass in centipede and bermuda (Tifway) lawns. So far, only thing I've read is Drive 75 and (Vantage or Manage); one for centipede, one for bermuda.

Questions: I'm leary of commercial lawn care companies. Is there a prayer of a chance that I can manage to control the torpedo grass on my own without killing the centipede in one lawn and bermuda in the other? When's the best time in lower Alabama, how often, and anything else I need to know and/or read.

Thank you so much,


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Dear Dianne,

Thank you very much for the inquiry. One option for you is to apply the herbicides yourself. You can obtain Drive in small quantities from LESCO stores and possibly other places as more and more are starting to carry it. I believe you can get the Manage as well. The summertime is the best time to combat this weedy grass. It will take patience and multiple applications. Follow the directions on the label, please.

Again thanks for the inquiry.


Trey Rogers
The Yard Doctor

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i have torpedo grass in zoysia and asiatic jasmine. will the drive 75 work on this too?

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I have the Torpedo grass in my rose bed. It is in the center and surrounding the bushes is everywhere! How can I kill it and not harm my roses and other plants? I heard one person say that it does not harm some plants but which ones???? I have roses, lilies, annuals, salvia, gaura and others... it is growing like wildfire! I see it all over Jacksonville!

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I originally saw a small bit of odd grass among my centipede about 3 years ago but my lawn service technician said it was an early form of centipede. Little did he know! This stuff has grown to large patches in several areas of my back yard. It's awful, and I'm wondering what threat it is to my trees, since it has such a network of bamboo-like runners deep under the surface, as well as rhiizomes that also resemble bamboo. It has gotten much worse this year, in spite of my attempts to control its further spread and encroachment into flower beds. I dug up a sample and took it to the county extension office, and the agent identified it as torpedo grass. Do you agree that's what this is, and do you have a suggestion for eradication? I hate the sound of "control" because I see this invasive grass as a threat to desirable grass. The beautiful centipede has been totally replaced by the invasive grass in large areas, and I only see this getting worse. I also see the possibility that this grass will rob the shrubs and trees of water and nutrients, and eventually it will be the only thing left. It seems hopeless, but I hope you're going to tell me it's not. And I'd also love to know where this came from-----potted plants from South Florida, perhaps?

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I recently put down some zoysia in pool area. It is getting taking over by torpedo grass. What can I do to control or kill this type of grass because it is starting to take over the beds and other areas of the subdivision? I have all types of different foilage. What will it harm or not harm? Please, please respond. I am desperate to get this matter under control and noone seems to be able to help me. Thank you.

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I found the cure. I have ripped up all my grass and am in the process of replacing it with an "Arizona" yard. Full strength cooncentrate Roundup I applied with a smile. The project may cost a bit, but nothing compared to battling this stuff from Hades while the expenses of lawn maintenance pile up...I'm 61, so it's about time I sell the yard stuff and just enjoy the pool and trips to the gym.

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