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Dan76July 6, 2011

Anyone know what tomato this is or if its even a tomato plant? All my plantings in the back were destroyed by squirrels, but in the front of my house I found this growing. It has yellow flowers and leaves like a tomato and so far its creating an elongated fruit. It hasn't grown very high, maybe a foot, but it's spread about three feet around with a lot of flowers and unripe fruit right now. Was just wondering if its a real tomato or some random nightshade.

This is also the location where in January, I had my yard dug up because of a busted sewage line.

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Looks to be some sort of cherry/grape line

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Hey, folks, any ideas about this? I was hoping to learn what this strange tomato-like plant is :-) Gary

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barryla61(VA - 7)

The intrigue of the volunteer plant. You don't if it will make "chicken salad" or "chicken $#@%"
Hope it's a good 'mater!

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